Nappy decisions – what not to do

When you’re pregnant, you get sent loads of vouchers from different brands of nappies.  Obviously you want to stock up to avoid having to go out with a newborn just to buy nappies because you’ve run out.  So what do you buy?  There’s a gamut of sizes, brands, type.

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I bought a few packs of different types…although Huggies were always on offer, so with my vouchers got a couple of packs, as well as a couple of the supermarkets own brands (supposedly made by Huggies and Pampers anyway).  And the sizing is quite wide, so newborn standard size 1 was fine for pretty much most babies.

Well, I couldn’t believe how much of a nightmare it ended up finding a make that didn’t leak, and N didn’t pee up the back of.  First of all Huggies seemed ok, then they leaked, then Sainbury’s ones leaked, and Morrisons ones weren’t great either.  We worked through all the freebies we’d got, we moved up a size and he still managed to leak up the back, and pee out of them when he was on the changing mat.

Finally we’ve worked out Pampers suit him best.  Luckily they’re often on offer, but there’s still the choice between Baby Dry, Active, New baby…it’s so complicated!

Things to think about before buying nappies:

  • Don’t stock up on one brand only. Buy a few smaller packs of different brands until you find the ones that work.
  • If you’re buying cloth, don’t assume they’ll fit from newborn. Your baby may need to grow into them
  • Ask for advice from friends who had babies like yours (ie boy or girl mums)
  • Look for green alternatives even if you don’t want to opt for cloth
  • If trying cloth, ask your local council for help (or NCT group). They may have a nappy library or at least support for trying them
  • Shop the deals. At supermarkets, or bulk buy online once you know the brand that works for you
  • When you move up a size, don’t worry too much about have lots spare in smaller sizes. You can freecycle them easily, or even sell on part packs at a reduced rate.

What were your nappy decisions when you had a newborn?

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