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How to get your Christmas spirit back

If you struggle to get your Christmas mojo, when you usually love the holiday season. If you’re feeling stressed and out of sorts, not ready for everything that is flung in your direction.  Hopefully this post is for you.  (Not for the Bah Humbug people like my OH.  I reckon they’re mostly beyond helping, unless they get forced into Christmas frivolities). 

Overdoing it

It is hard not to be overwhelmed by Christmas, but a lot of it is down to expectations. If you’re frantically trying to follow what everyone else is doing on Pinterest or social media, it will stress you out.

If you feel you have to book something every weekend, you’ll probably get stressed over the amount it’s costing you and just want to sit down and have a breather.

I don’t understand why everyone feels they have to keep up with everyone else. Influencers and bloggers get blamed for putting all these ideas in front of their audience. But Christmas should work for you and your family. Take ideas and inspiration from others – that’s certainly where I find out about lots of different things. But don’t feel you have to do them all at once, or at all.

how to get your christmas spirit - Bubbablue and me

Free up time

The big thing about advent and the Christmas run up, is how rushed it feels. It’s the same time every year, but it gets to 2 weeks before Christmas and we think we’ve got ages. But suddenly it’s the 23rd and we’ve not done anything.

To get or retain your Christmas mojo and not get frustrated, you need to plan ahead and make time.

  • If you work, flex your working hours or take some leave to give you shopping time alone
  • Writing lists and keep to them
  • Shop online
  • Give yourself a fixed amount of time to shop and know what you’re getting so it’s quicker and more efficient. Shopping in a familiar place helps as well
  • Delegate where possible
  • Keep Christmas small – I always think family Secret Santas aren’t that great unless they’re for a small amount of money. If you’re having to spend £50+ on one person that’s an expensive mistake if they don’t like the gift – more pressure I think. Or just buy for children and not the adults.
  • If you’re having a big family Christmas, allocate tasks to each person/family coming
  • Prepare in advance – food can be prepped, start Christmas planning early which means you’ve got more time to enjoy the run up.

Get festive

Getting more festive doesn’t mean spending lots of money. There’s plenty of ways to get Christmas spirit and still enjoy it, and provide entertainment and experiences for children.  Don’t rush everything – November is a bit early, but some Christmas events start then and might be quieter than going in December.

  • Go homemade and DIY.  Kids love crafting so get out the craft supplies at home to make craft projects. It can be as simple as colouring in card ornaments, or making salt dough decorations.
  • Go traditional. Try making your decorations – string popcorn, dry out oranges and make pot pouri, stick cloves in oranges for pomanders, or make paper chains or 3D paper stars
  • Do a Christmas workshop. Wreath making, garlands, decorations, and you’ll have something to take home at the end of it.
  • Get baking. Make something with Christmas spices to make the house smell of Christmas
  • Drink mulled wine or mulled cider

See the lights

You can’t fail to visit somewhere Christmas themed and not feel some of the Christmas spirit. Take children with you, or friends who love Christmas.

  • National Trust put on great displays in their houses as well as a lot of them having light trails. Just book ahead or check opening times
  • Illuminated outdoor light trails are are so popular nowadays, you will have one near you. Time it well – either early on or late to avoid all the crowds.
  • Go to a Christmas lights turn on. Be amongst the crowds and sing Christmas songs as you countdown to the lights being switched on.

Other visits to make you feel Christmassy are any outdoor ice rinks, visiting Father Christmas, going to see Christmas films at the cinema or have a home film night.

What makes you feel Christmassy? How do you get your Christmas spirit?

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