painting of a bird

Project 365 2017 week 39 – birds at BML 17

We’re onto week 39 of Project 365.  The nights are drawing in – dark by 7ish, and I’ve hardly taken any photos of N this week thanks to 2 weekends of blog conferences.

On Sunday, I was at Blog On Xmas in Manchester. I went up on the Saturday afternoon for the launch party, the conference was the Sunday and back in the evening. Thankfully the 2.5 hour journey wasn’t too bad.  It made me laugh seeing my car information.  My car is all wheel drive and has worse fuel economy than they claim by a long way disappointingly.  I’d reset the meter by accident, filled the tank with diesel before going, then thanks to 50 mph up most of the M6 and it was telling me I would be able to get over 800 miles in the tank. At one point it had said 1000!  I think going back to the normal 580-600 is more realistic. It was nice to dream though.

great fuel economy range in the car

On Monday there wasn’t much going on.  Just a last few shots at the roses over at the farm.

end of roses in the garden

On Tuesday it was more chilling out in the evenings. I try and get N to do his homework as soon as he gets home but he’s usually over at the farm and I have to drag him away moaning.

chilling out on the sofa

On Wednesday I went dancing to the monthly Oxford freestyle in the town hall.  Just like the old days before I had N, my friend and I decided to head to the pub for a brief drink afterwards with the others. It was lovely to be back there socialising outside of dancing, however brief. Although a midnight home arrival on a work night wasn’t the best.

relaxing at dancing in the oxford town hall

On Thursday I grabbed this photo.  N was showing me his conkers he’d collected from school.  I think it makes him look so little again.

looking after his conkers

On Friday I took the afternoon off work and headed into London for BML17 blogging conference.  I went on my first proper instawalk, and we ended with a sunset over South Bank.

sunset over south bank

On Saturday it was the actual conference. It was very different to previous years, and while I went to 1 excellent session on SEO, and an interesting one on Pinterest, we walked out of one, and the rest of the day was spent chatting and painting pretty birds as the rest was just not relevant.

painting of a bird
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  1. your bird picture is beautifully done. glad you enjoyed the few sessions you attended.
    my car has nothing as sophisticated as that, but I get an average of 6 miles to the £

  2. Interesting to hear what you’ve said about BML. I would have loved to be there, but really just for the social aspect and it’s lot of time/money for that… That bird is beautiful!

  3. interesting what youve said about BML and reading the comments,, i find everything these days is all about gaining new interest and nothing to retain those currently involved, glad i didnt go, it was the price of the tickets that put me off, the transport and hotel i would happily pay for a social event, but not that large entry fee

    1. I think you’re right there. Although I do know of newer bloggers who also weren’t impressed who were new to BML. So not sure who’s come away feeling really positive about it yet.

        1. Oh that’s sad. I think it depends what sessions you go to – I make sure I tell people that I might be around the top 100 in tots, but my page views are shocking and going backwards compared with the last 2 years. Some people (like Lucy and Harriet) do make it really clear that really blogging or whatever else is what you choose to do not what others do.

    1. I only went this year due to not wanting to miss out. The social was good, 2 sessions were good, but the rest was a lot of money to pay for not much.

    1. Hope the boat was ok. We left before the keynotes. It’ll be interesting to see the differences in opinions, and how newbies vs more experienced found it.

  4. I love the bird you painted. It’s interesting that you say BML wasn’t relevant. Makes me feel a bit better about not being there! I do like the sound of an instawalk though. I love the South Bank.

    1. I think it’ll be interesting to see the different views and whether newer bloggers found it ok. Maybe they’re the market BML need to go for now, because there were certainly a lot of complaints from those who’ve been going a while.

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