looking up - school work

School Days – lorries and forest school

Another week of school under their wings, and soon to be rolling into half term.  This week held lots of interest for N – lots of new things and interesting additions.

Spellings realisation

This week I wasn’t expecting great things of N’s spelling test. The previous 2 weeks he’d got 10/10, but this week the words were a lot harder, eg Egypt, pyjamas, gymnast etc, there weren’t many similarities between them.  And he’d only done 2 practices of them all week.

The OH said he’d give him 1p for every word he got right and £1 for 10/10. I was expecting about 3 correct, but he did manage 6.  (The 6p hasn’t been handed over).  It seems to have done the trick though. This week’s spellings are a lot easier, but he’s been working on them each day.  So hopefully going forward, that determination to get better marks will continue.

looking up - school work


Oops, one swimming hat wasn’t packed in N’s swim bag. Luckily he could borrow one.

Then the coach forgot to pick the kids up from school, so by the time it got them to the pool they only had time for a fun swim. N was pleased about that.

Forest School

N’s school now have a forest school area on the grounds, and this term, N’s year have been split in two to work with the teacher in forest school.  N is in the first group.  This week was about safety and telling them what to expect. N is so excited because next week they’ll get to use saws.  By the end of the 6 weeks, he’s hoping they’ll get to make a fire and toast marshmallows. Although he prefers them without toasting.

Lorry safety and online safety

This week was big on learning safety things.  They had an e-safety talk, although I’ve no idea what they learnt because the only thing N mentioned was something about ipads and being careful. I’m hoping it did sink in and he remembers it at some point.

The highlight of the week was a 40 tonne TACS lorry coming into school to talk about safety around lorries.  Each class got to go on the lorry and find out facts about it and road safety around lorries.  It really captured N’s imagination, plus of course he needs to continue to learn about large vehicles and safety being on the farm.

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  1. Forest school sounds so cool. My boys would probably enjoy that a lot! Also, I guess those spelling words all have Y in them? But yeah, those are hard words!

    1. They were using saws this week. He was so excited about it – the outdoors really is N’s thing so it’s nice he can see school can offer him the type of things he likes as well as academic work. Thanks for stopping by

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