wooden bridge

Project 365 2017 week 40 and 41

It’s a double Project 365 this week again.  as there was just too much going on to get last week’s up.  So onto the photos.

Week 40

On Sunday it was a relaxing day at home. N was out on the farm as usual. I spotted him in the garden in the afternoon blowing dandelion clocks with the puppy running round. So cute to watch them.

blowing dandelions with a jumping dog

On Monday it was back to school. It’s been a good reading week this week. N’s been more interested in the book he was reading, and he’s actually read a decent number of pages each day.

reading practice

On Tuesday, it was a swimming day. Usually on swimming days we say he doesn’t need another shower, but we were on auto-pilot.

writing in the shower condensation

On Wednesday we were playing Staccups again. We’ve been playing it a lot for a review, but we’re a bit hooked on it.

staccups set up

On Thursday, we had a pretty good sunset. They’ve been a bit hit and miss recently but I liked the silhouette of this view over the farm.

telegraph posts across he field

On Friday it was harvest festival, and that meant collecting lots of conkers afterwards.  This new stash joined the rest N collected from the farm.

conker collection

On Saturday N was pleased that he had leftover christmas pudding for his pudding. Granny always makes lots, and she must have been clearing out the freezer ready for making this year’s.

leftover christmas pudding in a bowl

Week 41

On Sunday it was my birthday, and we went to the park for a cycle and then on to Snowshill Manor. N will do anything if he gets the chance to cycle, so I was able to drag him off elsewhere afterwards.

wooden bridge

On Monday, it was hot chocolate time, of course with squirty cream.

waiting for hot chocolate to be made

On Tuesday I was at west coast swing class.  I’d love to have photos or videos of me dancing, but I don’t have anyone to take them.  Everyone’s always dancing or the light is just too dark. The hall is lovely as they’d put all the fairy lights out.

dance venue with fairy lights

On Wednesday I tried something different for a sunset photo.

flowers in front of sunset across the

On Thursday N had the hama beads out again. This time I made an ombre heart, and N decided he wanted to make one too.  His turned out better than mine shapewise!

Hama beads rainbow heart and ombre heart

On Friday it was tennis again.  N refused to pose for a photo so this was as good as we got.

before tennis waiting

On Saturday it was a day of swimming lessons and then boring food shopping and chores. It was a beautiful day though so N spent a lot of the afternoon outside. N got really upset because he found out that in the morning his dad had found his gundog spaniel on the road. She’d obviously gone out on the road which I’ve never seen her do, and someone had run her over.  So sad as she was a really well trained gundog and great when they took her out beating. N is gutted that they won’t have a dog to take out with them.

cuttingthe scissorsgrass in the garden with
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  1. how tragic and upsetting about the dog and terrible that nobody stopped to help or report it.
    I am not a Christmas pudding lover but nice that his gran makes enough to keep him going most of the year.
    Great hama bead shapes.

  2. That’s so sad about the dog! People are supposed to report it to the police if they hit a dog. Lovely sunset photos. Had to laugh at N eating his Christmas pudding – partly because it’s October and partly because hell would freeze over before my kids would eat Christmas pudding!

  3. What a shame about the dog! Annoying too that the culprit hadn’t done anything about reporting it. The game looks fun – not seen that one before.

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