display of red giant nutcrackers

Project 52 2021 week 52

The final week of 2021, and it’s been relaxing but also a bit sad that the Christmas holidays are nearly at an end. I could do with another 2 weeks off given the chance. I’m not looking forward to everything that will hit in January and February at work!

Here’s our week 52 of Project 52. It being the week between Christmas and new year, not a lot went on. There was a lot of online sales deliveries (and returns), a lot of puzzling, and wishing the weather would be less wet and windy.

Sunday, Boxing Day, was spent building sports equipment. My brother came over to help – one football goal up, and the table tennis table done too. We all had a bit of a play. Great fun. We just need to hope we don’t always have too much wind to play.

On Monday it was a relaxing day. I finished a puzzle, made some keto cheese crackers. And it seems everyone got Wasgij puzzles for their Christmas gifts, as it was my biggest ever blog traffic day.

Tuesday I spent 3 hours doing the latest Wasgij puzzle. It was the fastest I’ve ever completed one.

On Wednesday we nipped into Stratford to get the OH’s birthday present. Amazingly the aga shop had a 35% off sale which meant we spent less on a pan and lid than just the pan was originally. We were in and out of Stratford, even allowing for a stop at the post office, and at the out of town retail park within 1 ½ hours. I love a fast efficient shop, plus it was quite quiet too.

Thursday I took the Christmas tree down. As ever it seems really empty without it. I needed a much bigger bag for this tree, so I’m a bit worried about the baubles storage in the same bag. I think I need to find a hard plastic box with inserts for all my larger baubles and to store separately from the tree. The tree is huge when stored – I need to get rid of more puzzles to make storage space for the tree really.

In the evening N and I went for our trip to the Blenheim Palace light trail. It was our deferred trip from last year. We thought it was really good – quite quiet which we liked as it was much better for taking time over photos. Only a couple of the lights were repeats while the rest was new. Much better that way than previous years. N had a kids burger and chips afterwards for dinner. I wanted one of the pitta/kebabs, but minus the pitta bread. Unfortunately they wouldn’t serve me that because there was just one price. But I could have just paid the ridiculously high price rather than me having to be given the bread and then waste it by throwing that part out. In the end I just made tea when I got home. But it was a bit disappointing.

We were lucky with the timing as we were finished and on our way back to the car, just as the rain started properly coming down.

On Friday, last day of the year, we needed a quick nip into town to pick up some bread and pastries for over the weekend and take another return back. Otherwise, it was just some puzzling, a bit of reading. N spent some time out on the farm. Needless to say we didn’t do anything special for New Year’s Eve, Fingers crossed there’s more exciting things going on in 2022 than we’ve done in the last 2 years!

Happy new year.

display of red giant nutcrackers

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  1. What a fab picture of the nut crackers! I love them, I have three little ones. I enjoy those Wagsij puzzles, I like the challenge. I will have to try that Blenheim Palace light trail one year. It would be nice to build up to Christmas, the boys would have liked to do a bit more I think this year although we did have the Manchester markets which we all thoroughly appreciated!

  2. The Christmas holidays felt like they went too fast for my liking and I was a bit sad as well when they ended. Sounds like you had a nice relaxing week between Christmas and New Year. Always good to have a nice quick shopping trip. Glad you had a nice time at the Blenheim Palace light trail other than the disappointment over dinner. Love the photo of the Nutcracker display. Happy new year to you all. #project365

  3. I did look at last minute tickets for Blenheim but they only had really late times available so we gave it a miss, glad they had a lot of variation this year. Do love a quick shopping trip, I can’t even remember the last one I had that wasn’t for food! #365

  4. Sounds like a lovely relaxed week for you all. Great bargain on your shopping trip for OH’s birthday. I visited the grounds of Blenheim last week, the lights trail looked good from a distance.

  5. Glad you managed to get to Blenheim! Haven’t visited it for over two years. Hope the return to work is not too stressful.
    We didn’t get any Wagsij puzzles. I bought myself a Ravensburger Romeo and Juliet one, and a Clementoni Marvel for Eddie. Still unopen. Hope to work on mine once the school starts.
    I keep the baubles in a separate box, as I have too many glass ornaments which won’t survive otherwise. Happy new year!

  6. I’m glad you got the goal and the table tennis set up, they sound like fun.
    It sounds like a great trip to Blenheim Palace. It’s a shame about the food, the nutcrackers are fab though x

  7. I am also not looking forward to going back to work and would happily take some more time off! Glad you managed to get to Blenheim we really enjoyed it this year even in the snow! I am super impressed you have taken your tree down. I still have to do ours and find a space for all the new gifts the boys have received. Happy New Year wishing you all, all the best for 2022.

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