autumn harvest of cooking and dessert apples plus conkers

Project 52 2020 week 38 – autumn harvest

Another week has gone by, and cases in the UK are on the rise again like in Europe. More places have gone back into local restrictions, and there could be further national restrictions in a few weeks. I think if they’d properly locked down in all the issue areas, rather than just stopping people meeting up at home and in gardens. But we’ll see what happens.

Here’s our week 38 of Project 52.

On Sunday we didn’t do much. N’s tonsillitis was a lot better. So much so that I did then wonder if it was just a cold even though his tonsils did get oversized, red and have white spots. Or maybe being back at school is helping his immunity get back up again so it’s not hitting him as hard.

Monday was back to school. N came home with blue overlays. In their spelling assessment he didn’t get as high as he should really have done (and verbally he could spell a lot more). His teacher thinks he might have a bit of visual stress, struggling with keeping his place and his reading isn’t as fluid all the time. There’s a few boys in his class already using overlays, and N said it really made a difference to his reading, but maths was better without. Hopefully this might be a way for him to be able to read faster and therefore enjoy it more.

On Tuesday, just another day working at home, and school. I did spend a bit of time watching a blue tit balancing on some weeds eating the seeds. It was just that little bit too far to get a clear photo.

Wednesday I had to pop into work to pick up a new mobile. I’d handed my old one back a month before lockdown, but they’re getting rid of landlines, so will need to get a mobile. I don’t get called by many external people, and internally we use zoom and teams so don’t really need one currently but had to have one really, just in case. It was weird being back there, although only went as far as the lobby. Only a few colleagues are working in the office, but I got to say a socially distanced hello and brief chat with a couple.

Thursday wasn’t very exciting. Just work and school. N’s teacher told me again that he’s been great in class. Really focusing and always has the right things out ready for work. I set up my new work set up. So far at home I’ve just worked off my laptop which works fine. But I’d bought a laptop stand to use in the living room on my lap (better than a cushion), and it’s adjustable so used that on the table with the keyboard I’d also got from work. It worked well although lots of cables and a much more flattering angle in video calls.

Friday was a short working day for me. I’d been covering for our project admin team leader while she and my line manager were away, so had a couple of catch up calls with some of the team. I was also jumping up and down trying to catch a decent photo of what I think is a buzzard flying around the garden, paddock and field behind. Initially I thought it was a red kite, but the tail was different. I managed a couple but I needed a tripod set up really and to sit still for ages waiting for it, rather than freestanding at whatever window was the best angle.

N was back at tennis after a week off. He didn’t have the best session hitting wise, and it’s a big group again. 8 were there yesterday (across 2 age groups) with a coach and assistant coach. N was put on the mini green court with his team mate and 2 older girls, one of whom’s returned after a year and has a really nice game now. I think he’ll like being in that group and hopefully it will stretch him as they play on the normal singles court but with slightly slower balls. We’ve sorted out private lessons again although not with either the coach from over the summer he really wanted, or the main coach. The main person taking the individual sessions is new to this coaching team and young. But N likes him and the positive is that he is currently taking the Friday group sessions, so it will be consistent. I just hope he’s got enough experience to coach N to the level he was getting in the summer as he progressed so much.

Saturday was another lazy weekend day. A bit of puzzling, reading and we played the game Splendour that we’d been sent for review. We picked some cooking apples and eating apples from our trees, and collected conkers (I’ll replace last year’s spider deterrents, although the OH laughed at these). It’s crumble season which is such a quick and easy dessert we all like. We also had cottage pie with beef from the farm, so as local a tea as you can get.

This week’s photo was of our autumn harvest. I’ve not really taken many photos this week to choose from.

autumn harvest of cooking and dessert apples plus conkers

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  1. we have ‘smart lockdowns’ here where if there’s a place where a lot of cases have spiked then that area is sealed. Good that you got a laptop stand, i have to position my laptop in an array of positions for comfort. Cooking and eating apples are different They look big and delicious

  2. I must admit now the weather has changed I have not been taking many photos either and have to remind myself to do it for these posts otherwise I don’t think I would take any. Like the idea of a laptop stand may look into one of those for myself. Glad to hear he is better. The overlays sound good too great they are helping.

    1. I’ve just broken my stand by walking into a door with it, so it’s now lopsided. I’ve taken so few photos the last couple of weeks. Just not going anywhere and nothing to take photos of.

  3. We enjoy the splendor game its a good one isn’t it! We leave it at my parents as my mum is a big fan. I hope the private tennis lessons go well. If they have a good connection that sounds promising.

    1. We do like those type of games. Good for thinking ahead.

      The tennis is frustrating as they’ve had so many different coaches, I just want one coach for him to be able to stick to, so hopefully this one will work. At least he’s local too so easier to get for practice than others who have family responsibilities/live further away.

  4. Oooh conkers as a spider deterrent. I’d forgotten about that but will have to tell Sophie as she’s inundated with big spiders in her new flat ! She can go out for a walk and try to collect some – it’ll give her something to do too, now she’s out of confinement ! Aaagghh not more tonsillitis – glad to hear it cleared up quickly this time. Tennis sounds like it’s going well now – good to get back into some routine 🙂

  5. I’ve not heard of visual stress before but great if it’s an issue that’s been spotted for N. Although, with headaches it is a possibility for me. I am just glad he’s feeling better. We are starting to get some conkers around here x

    1. I’ve never had problems with reading (apart from now needing reading glasses sometimes, and I do struggle reading on coloured backgrounds when my eyes are tired – sign of getting old), but I also wonder if I’d have some of it. Having said that, can’t read using the overlay he has. I’m definitely a white background person!

  6. Oh no, not tonsilitis again, poor young man.Our apple tree hasn’t produced any fruit this year but we have been out collecting conkers

    1. That’s a shame. Our 2 cooking apple trees have gone nuts with apples again this year. Although not as large as in previous years. The eating apple one had a few, but they fall off much easier, so we don’t get to eat as many of those.

  7. Awwww conkers! Love the start of Autumn! I am a big kid so will need to go on a walk this weekend to go conker picking… if there are any left!
    I hope N is feeling better now, your school seem to be on it which is fabulous. We never had that at Liv’s primary and cannot help feeling they let her down. 🙁 Your local dinner sounds awesome, you cannot go wrong with homemade crumble!
    How weird to go back to work just to pick up a new phone, must have felt strange – even more so now that we are definitely being told to work from home. Life is crazy right now! Hope you are all having a lovely week! Sim x

    1. I’m a big lover of picking conkers. We have a long countryside road known as conker alley which is the best place. We’re lucky with our school I think. Some have conflicts there, but we can’t moan about the communications or what they endeavour to do for the children.

    1. It feels like we’ve not done enough over summer to be ready for autumn. We need to get our aga fixed otherwise it’s going to be freezing working at home over autumn and winter.

  8. Glad N is feeling better and that the blue overlays are helping him with his reading. I can imagine it felt strange popping back into work. I haven’t been in the office since before lockdown either. Love the photo of the apples and conkers. We use conkers as spider deterrents too. I’m not sure if they’re really very effective but I don’t really mind spiders in the house anyway as long as they keep their distance! #project366

    1. We have such large spiders. I’m the same if they stay up on the walls or ceiling, but I see them running across the carpet, then think I see them across my blanket. Shudder. If they stay away from my chair I’m happy.

  9. Yes, I agree there should be proper lockdowns in areas where there are issues. I think people are just going to go out and meet when they can. Eesh.
    I am glad N is feeling better.
    The overlays sound like a great help and a good idea.
    Yum! Those apples look fab! All I can think of now is apple pie or crumble. x

    1. We eat so much crumble in autumn, we can’t get through all the apples, although we’ve had to leave the windfalls this year thanks to the puppies liking them!

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