2 bikes leaning against wooden gate to a villate green playground

Project 52 2022 week 15

We’re into Easter holidays already. It’s well needed and thankfully the sun seems to have appeared for the bank holiday weekend. Yay.

Here’s our week 15 for Project 52.

Sunday it was nice weather in the morning so we went for a bike ride. We did the route N did with my brother a while back. We’re in the middle of 3 villages, so we cycled up to one, he played in their playground for a bit. Then cycled back and up to the next village. Around there, and then back home. I’d assumed we were going a lot further around the back and a loop further round to get back home rather than back tracking. But my knee was hurting a little, and I think 9.7km was enough. We both need to work up to cycling further. I was pleased I did all but the hill in the village (no chance of a run up for that one, single track and we met a car), while N walked up several of them.

On Monday, I spent much of the day picking up writing reports for people more senior because they were all on leave. Not what I’d planned for my week, but had to be done.  I sorted through some of my summer tops and took photos of any that I don’t think are me, or just don’t fit quite right. I need to put them on Vinted, but it’ll have to wait until I’m back and around to post things. I’m not really seeing anything in stores or online at the moment like the old bigger ones I’ve already sold on. Too many pelmet tops or shapeless ones, that just aren’t flattering.

On Tuesday it was more picking up reports in people’s absence. Not a great week for all to be off, and luckily I didn’t have anything really urgent that had to be done before going on leave. 

The doctor’s surgery have been texting nearly every day telling N he can book his Covid vaccination at one of 3 local places rather than centrally. I went on to book as he’s decided he wants to have the jabs, but booking only goes to the 25th at the moment, and he can’t have it until at least the week after following 12 weeks after Covid. 

Wednesday was a busy day at work. Lots of catch ups ahead of my leave, and N flitting around in the background with his cousin. Mostly playing football and golf while dodging the rain. 

N had his last private lesson with this coach as he’ll be switching to football after Easter…that’s if they ever tell us about the training. No emails have come out yet, so I’ll have to chase one of his friends’ parents to find out if they know what’s going on. He’s pleased he’ll still be doing group sessions with the same coach though – although I do think they need to sort out moving them up to yellow ball which strictly speaking should already have happened by now for at least the ones in the group who’re ready.

On Thursday I had a flexi day. It was a lovely day, warmer, and I had it to myself. N went off to cattle market with the OH, and I had my INR (which was finally back within range, hurrah), and was heading into town.  I had a nice walk around, got in my steps, picked up all the bits I needed.  I was disappointed to see that my food caddy still hasn’t been collected. What’s the betting they don’t even collect it on Friday which is our normal collection day. If they don’t, I’ll be tipping it all back into the normal waste bin. What a waste of time and effort.

Bank holiday Friday was a nice day at home. The weather was beautiful. We played table tennis early in the morning before it got a bit too breezy. N spent much of the morning making hot cross buns over at the farm with his gran. 61 buns later, and 9 were brought back to our house (that’s a lot to get through as I don’t eat them, the others went to his aunts and uncles). I did some exercise, a bit of blogging, a little reading, and iced some cookies as a bit of an experiment. 

On Saturday it was a beautiful warm day again. No coat needed. I had an early hair appointment (still happy with my new hairdresser). N asked if I could get him some new sports socks, but our big out of town M&S had either school socks or 1 pair of toddler size socks in the boys section. Had to resort to Primark, but thankfully they seemed to pass N’s approval. We got packing for our mini break, played some table tennis, walked the dogs, and just generally mooched around.

2 bikes leaning against wooden gate to a villate green playground

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  1. Sounds like you had a lovely bike ride around the villages. Well done on managing all the hills but one. Hope you hear about the football training soon. Sorry that you didn’t get your food caddy collected after all. So frustrating. #project365

  2. Hope you’re enjoying your holiday, sounds like yu need it after a week of running around and cycling as well as the work reports to write

  3. We have just dug our bikes out, although not ridden them yet. I have had a booking email for Eliza to have her COVID jabs, but not sure yet…….Isaac still needs to have his second one

    1. It’s hard to know what to do with children isn’t it. Especially once they’ve had it. Although N was rough with it, so don’t really want him suffering and losing that much school again.

  4. The sunshine has been lovely hasn’t it. The bike riding sounds like fun but it is hard work.
    Good luck to N with the vaccine and the football.
    It sounds like you had a a great Good Friday. We love hot cross buns here.
    Have a lovely break away x

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