egg cob salad and keto cheese crackers

Project 52 2021 week 20

This latest week has whizzed by. We’re only a month from midsummer which just seems madness at how fast the year is going by. I’ve a big launch day at work in July, and I’m a bit worried at how much there still is to agree ahead of that and to actually get the work done. Covid wise, much of the talk is about the new indian variant hotspots. Given people can now go indoors and mix, and travelling is in theory opened up, there’s not much chance of it staying localised. Fingers crossed they hold off full opening for a bit to see how things are going, rather than saying everyone can go back to normal in June.

Onto our week 20 of Project 52.

Sunday was county tennis training day. First one in over a year, a new group of boys for his age group. As it was indoors we couldn’t stay and watch so I walked into the town. Mistake wearing my jacket – I was so hot and red faced by the time I walked there and back. I’d caught the sun a bit to, although thankfully that went by the next day. I was pleased to not get any side effects from my second jab the previous day, although I did dose up on paracetamol just in case. In N’s absence, his team won their first tennis match this season, and quite convincingly. A bit sad that N misses out on getting some wins on his profile, but he was pleased he chose to do training instead. I don’t think the last match will be kind to them as they’re up against the best team in the league.

On Monday it was back to work and school. I didn’t get up to much otherwise, just took more photos of items to sell. They had assessments at school most of the week – they do them every term to check on progress and reassess any extra support they need.

Tuesday was more of the same. I was pleased my new walking boots arrived. My old ones kill my feet – they were hard leather, pre-child boots and post birth my feet were definitely needing a size 6 and not the size 5 my old boots were. I finally got round to getting some and they’re not leather this time, so hopefully will have a bit more give in them.

On Wednesday I was back at the post office again sending off more clothes that had sold. Of course it’s typical that when there are sales one might be Hermes and one Royal Mail, so it means I try and hold on for a day or so in the hope of having another sale so not making a single trip into town. Things are still selling nicely. I’ve got nearly £70 pending or in my Vinted account, so worth doing rather than just handing items on or to charity shops. N came home from school with his throat feeling a bit sore. He got on the echinacea and difflum spray.

Thursday N came home again from school saying his right tonsil was sore, and he was cold after being outside in the rain for PE. More throat spray, he had a shower to warm up and then he curled up on the sofa. He ended up napping before dinner. Sods law as he had a party at the weekend, plus tennis. They must have had some kind of puberty discussion at school because he wanted me to dig out the deodorant I’d ordered alongside my natural deodorant, ready for when he needed it. He doesn’t at the moment, but evidently the class were told this is the kind of age they should be thinking about starting to use it.

On Friday he woke feeling a lot better. It must have just been a short viral hit and apart from slight soreness in his throat, he felt fine to go to school. I’m not sure how well he really felt but I think he didn’t want to miss all the party excitement and not be able to go. He came home very exciting because the plans to replace the cancelled residential trip have been announced. Their class is having a week of more ‘activity’ based lessons and fun for the equivalent week they would have been away. Assuming restrictions open up in June, they’ll have a sleep in film night one day, and a whole school trip with their class then staying for a camp out. He’s so pleased about it.

After getting all his camping stuff ready for his friend’s glamping party on Saturday, we heard it was being postponed a week due to illness. Disappointing, but he still wants to go next week, and he’ll miss tennis for it. Evidently it’s more important for him to be with his friends. I’m sure they’ll have better weather next weekend although the OH will have to pick him up because I have an early eye test. Tennis was good although a touch wet for them.

Saturday was a busy morning. I had more sold items to drop off so did that before N’s hair appointment. I really hope barber’s keep the booking system once covid goes, because it’s so much better than spending ages sitting in a barber’s shop waiting for whichever barber is free. He looks very smart now although we’ll see what it’s like when he has to style the front bit up himself. Then butchers and deli before heading home.

Lunch is usually crusty bread sandwiches at weekends, so I made myself an egg cob salad with keto cheese crackers. Delicious. As N wasn’t at the party he requested takeaway, so they’re having Dominos pizza – annoyingly they weren’t doing pre-order, so we had to order literally as we were leaving the house. Not quite a nice wedding anniversary dinner, but we never celebrate our anniversary now anyway – 17 years this time!

egg cob salad and keto cheese crackers

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  1. Happy anniversary! It sounds like you are doing really well with your selling. I have sold things in the past but I have a love or hate relationship with it. I’m passing clothes along to friends at the moment. I hope the party went ahead in the end. I was hoping Ethan’s school would do camping on the field but I think they have just decided against everything #365

    1. That’s a shame they’re not doing anything. Ours are meant to be doing a whole school trip at the end of term with a camp out for the Y5/6 class if it can go ahead by that stage. They’re really trying to make it special as these Y6s missed out last year, so they don’t want them to miss 2 years. Hopefully for N next year, his Y6 will be more normal

  2. Glad you didnt get any side effects from your jab. It sounds like you are doing very well with selling bits on vinted. I really need to get organised and sell a few bits here as well. Lunch looks very yummy.

  3. Sorry to hear that the party was postponed, but hope that means better weather for them. Hope the tennis goes well and well done on all your sales.

  4. Happy 17th wedding anniversary

    Glad his sore throat didn’t lead to anything worse. Think its something in the air as Bee has complained of a sore throat a couple of times but by the morning has been OK.

    Glad you had no side effects from the jab.

  5. Glad to hear that N’s tonsils behaved a bit better this time around. Mine has been using deodorant for a couple of months now, not that he smells but he got a bit sweaty so thought it best to get him used to the idea now really #365

  6. Glad you didn’t get any side effects from your jab and hope that your new walking boots are proving to be comfortable. Glad that N’s flare up with his tonsils didn’t last too long although disappointing that the glamping party was postponed. That egg cob salad looks yummy. #project365

  7. Good luck with your launch day at work.
    Great news that you didn’t get any side effects from your jab.
    It sounds like you are doing really well with your selling.
    Your lunch looks delicious. I hope N enjoys the Dominos. x

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