travel easily in europe with kids

How to Effectively Travel in Europe by Train with Kids

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While train travel may allow you to discover more, they may turn into a nightmare if you fail to plan deliberately. Here are the tips to consider before touring Europe by train with kids.

travel easily in europe with kids


Doing your research helps you to get value for your money. You don’t want to travel in Europe blindly or the journey will eventually frustrate you. Use your device, such as a smartphone or laptop, to Google the best train operators, train routes and destinations. You can look for trains with child-friendly seats and the best routes with stunning landmarks.

Book in advance

Buying train tickets ahead helps to enjoy low prices for the best trains. When travelling with kids, you want to book the best reservations so you can have all your kids on board. An early booking will allow you to choose a train with comfortable seats and enough space to stretch your legs. You also want a table where you’ll place your devices, snacks or books.

The good thing is that Europe has plenty of train operators that offer quality booking services. But if you’re travelling for the first time, buying train tickets may be a little complicated. You may also find it overwhelming when looking for operators with the best deals. Luckily, you can use a reliable train booking engine that will get the job done right, right away. With OMIO, you can purchase your train tickets from your nearest rail service in Europe. It’s also a perfect way to discover Europe via the most suitable train routes. You can rest assured iyou’ll be able to make fast and straightforward bookings. In addition, Omio enables the use of eco-friendly trains, enjoying easy check-ins and efficient travel.

Consider the best routes

Your kids may prefer train routes with scenic views and picturesque landmarks. What if you’re travelling with toddlers and wish to get to your destination at a reasonable time? Don’t choose train routes where you’ll spend more than five hours. If you’re connecting different routes, you may consider selecting the most accessible routes to get you to the next station fast. If it will take hours to get to your destination, consider train routes with stations where you can walk with your kids, buy snacks, and relax before resuming the journey.

Do you wish to know the recommended routes and destinations that will leave everyone comfortable and excited? Whether you want to head to Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, Spain, Italy, Portugal, or Scandinavia, the best possible destinations and routes to use are here.

  • · Northern Europe: Amsterdam to Bruges via Paris to Milan
  • · Eastern Europe: Budapest to Bratislava then to Vienna via Ljubljana to Zagreb
  • · Italy: Venice to Florence to Rome via Naples to Sorrento to Sicily
  • · Spain and Portugal: Barcelona > Valencia > Madrid to Porto > Lisbon

Pack Light

You may think that travelling with kids requires packing heavy suitcases, bags and rucksacks. The truth is, you won’t need all that. You can always wash your clothes and wear them. When you pack heavy loads, you will get stressed when dragging them in the station or up the stairs. You don’t want to pull heavy suitcases when you have kids to keep track of.

train with kids looking out th ewindow

Stay Entertained

When you are tired of sightseeing through the window, you need other means to keep yourself and your kids entertained. You can watch movies on your laptop or play video games. Most trains in Europe offer Wi-Fi connections. You can surf the internet, stream, or listen to audiobooks. Bring books for your children to read or draw. You can also play games such as chess, cards, puzzles, scrabble or Monopoly.

Want to know why you should travel by train with your kids? Here are the advantages and disadvantages of train travel in Europe.


  • Trains in Europe don’t limit luggage weight or charge extra fees for your luggage
  • You arrive in the town centre, so there are no additional charges to pay for the taxi fare
  • You can bring snacks and drinks
  • There are different trains and routes options
  • You’ll enjoy scenic views
  • Trains are spacious and comfortable
  • You have a chance to make new friends on the train
  • You can sleep on the train


  • Train travel can be expensive
  • Trains can be slow, especially on long distances
  • Booking train tickets may be confusing and daunting

You can always make train travel less complicated by doing your research and following these tips.

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