reflections at stanwick lakes

Project 52 2018 week 21 – Stanwick Lakes

Another week’s passed and we’re at half term again.  It doesn’t seem like long since we were off on Easter holidays.  It’s been a good week – work has calmed down thankfully, and N’s had a good week at school.

SATs is over, they had a charity dog walk, we’ve booked a few days away although the weather isn’t looking great for half term.

I did get a slapped wrist from after school club thanks to the OH sending nephew number 3 to pick N up in a tractor one day.  I plan to pick up each day, but if the OH finishes early or is going past then he picks up. The first I know about it, is a voicemail from N saying his dad’s picked up. But I didn’t know about the nephew pick up.  While he has his tractor licence and there is a seat and seatbelt for N, he shouldn’t be picking up N. He’s not an adult yet, and if the OH can’t pick up, I’m usually on my way so it’s not like there’s noone else to pick him up.

So I got the email because the OH takes no ownership for things like this and never provids his email addresses etc (although he did pick up N after that occasion so I don’t know why it wasn’t mentioned to him), as it’s a safeguarding thing that after school club know who’s picking N up if it’s someone different, plus the tractor arriving with a teen worried them.  I admit I had a bit of a rant at N about it because I didn’t know, and mentioned it to the OH saying it shouldn’t be happening and why, but of course it was met with no response. So hopefully he was listening and takes it on board. He just thinks the rules are stupid, but they’re there for a reason, and it means he has to think and plan in advance to let them know (never going to happen, so I’ll be the one being told to let them know).

I finished with week by dropping my precious camera. Thankfully the lens is fine and it still takes photos, but the cover on top of the viewfinder has popped off due to the casing below cracking and banding up, so the cover won’t go back on. I guess that means a trip to Jessops tomorrow to see if it can be sent back to be fixed. Although I might have to wait until we’re back from our break. I’m not sure I can just live with my phone for photos – I’ll have no battery left by lunchtimes!

Today’s Project 52 photo was laken on Sunday at Stanwick Lakes where N and I had a lovely few hours in the sun.

reflections at stanwick lakes
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  1. I’m surprised that the school has allowed the nephew to pick up N. In our school you need to fill in the forms with possible designated candidates for pick up, which would include all phone numbers etc, and we’d need to tell them in advance that someone else would pick up our child. I thought these regulations were standard. Saying that N was probably the envy of the class, to be able to travel home in a tractor.

    1. It wasn’t school – yes there we have forms at the start of school stating names of people who may be regular pick up people, and any others I speak to the office in the morning. With after school club it’s the same I think – years ago we probably said who would possibly pick up, and I’d let them know if it was going to be different. The OH is a law unto himself – if he actually told people in advance, it wouldn’t have happened, because I’d have told him no and picked up as I planned to as normal. Tbh if he just didn’t bother picking up it would be easier then I would always be the one doing it as normal, except when I wasn’t around and he would have to.

  2. We have a couple who pick up on tractors, my husband is exactly the same about taking ownership, he was supposed to call in for Neva last week, it was only when I got a text message asking where she was I knew he had forgotten!

    1. Oh no, nightmare. That’s always my worry. The issue is that the OH won’t give people his phone number or email (not that he checks it or answers unknown numbers), and he never organises anything in advance. So if he can’t do it (on the rare occasion he has to), he’ll send the sister in law which is fine because she picks up the nephew, or the MIL. At school we have about 6 names of possible people who may pick up. The after school club is at the nursery so there’s only myself or him expected. If he’d think in advance I’d be able to let people know, but it’s always last minute. I just don’t think that kind of stuff is on most men’s radars, unless they’re the main carer/picker up person

  3. Now that I’ve read this, I’m surprised we’ve not had any tractors rocking up at the school gates! At least everything was resolved, hope the camera can be repaired 🙂

    1. It’s not as strange as it seems with ours. The afterschool club is on the way through to some fields we use so N often gets picked up as people are driving paast – usually in a pick up

  4. That’s a lovely reflection. I’m amazed that after school club released N to a teenager tbh. They’d be straight on the phone to an adult if that happened at our school and would refuse to let the child go.

    What a nightmare about your camera – hope they can fix it for you. A battery bank might help with the phone battery issue? It’s what I use when I don’t take my camera away some times #365

    1. I would imagine they queried it, but N was probably really excited about seeing him. I do have a battery pack, but my phone really doesn’t like connecting to it. I’ve got my point and shoot camera which is a pretty good one, and new phone so while I’ve not moved my SIM over yet, I can always use the camera

  5. Hi Emma, even if the school wasn’t happy I bet N would have been happy getting a ride home on a tractor. Just the thought is making me laugh. We live in tractor territory to, and we are forever getting stuck behind them on the roads, especially this time of year, but I have yet to see one picking up a child from school!.. The photo at Stawick lakes looks lovely and peaceful, and a nice place to spend a few hours.


  6. Sorry to hear about the camera. That’s very frustrating about the picking up in the tractor situation. I did have to laugh though at the thought of a teenager rocking up at school to pick up his cousin. I got a telling off the very first time my eldest went to after school club at the age of 4 because my sister and BIL went to pick him up and said ‘We’re not his parents!’ in case anyone was confused. They were only about 20 at the time.

    1. Pick ups are always a nightmare for someone different. The OH’s been questioned before because he’d never turned up to pick up before, didn’t know the password, and then got N’s birthday wrong! They called me but I couldn’t remember the password (I’d never had to use it!) and all was fine, but he wasn’t impressed. If he actually got more involved and turned up at things like parents evening, then staff would know who he is!

  7. It really doesn’t seem that long since the last holidays….I am glad work has settled down.
    Eek! I can imagine the fuss being picked up on a tractor caused. A while ago a mother from my youngest girls school got a telling off for sending her teen daughter on a horse to pick a child up. lol
    That is rubbish news about the camera. I hope you can get it fixed x

    1. He does get picked up on the tractor sometimes but it’s the OH. If I knew someone else was picking up I’d let them know. The OH is just oblivious to safeguarding etc. Enjoy the bank holiday weekend

  8. I’ve spent the last 18 years explaining to my husband that it doesn’t matter whether he likes the rules or not, there are rules to follow. i used to get the telling off from school also, I don’t know why they don’t address the father in these situations, oh well, i don’t have to worry about it anymore, but still annoys me. I hope the camera shop can help you out without great expense

    1. I’m glad it’s not just my OH! They should have spoken to the OH when he next picked up, but knowing him he probably refused to actually talk to anyone. Jessops are usually pretty good about sorting repairs. They send it back to Panasonic, and I can pay to get a quote, then either decline or accept and take that off the cost. Worked well last time it went in, but it does take a bit of time. Fingers crossed it’s fixable. I do have amazon vouchers so could get a new camera if they can’t fix it but I wanted to spend them on a new lens.

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