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Home Decor Trends for 2018

This is a collaborative post

Everyone wants a comfortable and practical home, but we also want it to be stylish. Trends come and go so fast that keeping up with them can be impossible.

What you need is a comprehensive guide to the home décor trends of 2018. And this is exactly what the team at Rattan Direct have put together.

But the infographic from the on-trend home design team goes one step further – it also includes where people are making their purchases and what they look for.

cozy home decor - Bubbablue and me

Choose your home interior style

Which style suits you and your home? Which style makes the most of your budget? Which style places your home at the cutting edge of the latest trend?

Will it be the global nomad trend and it rich colours that attract you? The Scandinavian look is also popular as is the relaxed rustic style… with so many choices, you need to take a look at the superb infographic Home Décor Trends for 2018 from the Rattan Direct team.


Where do you buy your furniture from?

We assume that because we live in the digital age, that we do everything online, including buying furniture.

Many customers like to see and feel the furniture before they buy but slowly, it seems that more of us are making choices from the information and products we see online.

Renovating a property is still popular, especially in the property market where a ‘ready to move into’ home can be out of a buyer’s price range.

This infographic also looks at the rooms that we tend to renovate first and this has important implications for where we buy furniture from and budget too.

Which is your style?

Take a look at the infographic from Rattan Direct to determine which of the 2018 home décor trends suits your taste and style.

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