Bristol harbourside

Holiday – a week of firsts, a hotel in Bristol

We rarely manage a full family holiday as the OH works all the time (damn that harvest getting in the way of a summer holiday), but we went away for a few days away somewhere new that wasn’t a road trip visiting friends.  Given it was a bank holiday and I only booked last week, I’d decided that we’d head west and stay in a hotel in Bristol. Apart from driving through Bristol to a dance weekender (and my friend’s car breaking down on the Clifton Suspension Bridge), I’ve never been there before so that was a first for me.  For N, the novelty was staying in a hotel as he’d never been in one before.

Bristol harbourside

We stayed in The Bristol Hotel, right on the harbourside, and I’m not sure what he made of it at first.

1, Great bed.  He made himself right at home sprawling out on it.  Oh, and that’s how he tends to sleep, sprawled out as well.  He had a great few nights sleep, me not so much!

relaxing in the Bristol hotel

2, Buffet breakfast.  Well, just breakfast outside home or nursery really. He couldn’t believe his eyes with a choice of (free for under 5s) breakfast, from a range of cereals, fruits, juices, pastries, continental meats and cheeses, toast and then obviously cooked breakfast.  I thought he’d want to try lots of different things..a bit like children at birthday parties, but he was quite controlled.  More so than I know I can be at breakfasts.  He chose weetabix, then some toast with bacon, scrambled egg, and beans.  And he tried a hash brown.  I’m surprised he didn’t ask for a cooked breakfast on arriving home.

Even better, breakfast on one day was accompanied by a pianist on the upper floor of the restaurant/bar area. A real novelty, and I thought N was going to walk up to the man playing as we left to head off that day.

3, Great twirly chair.  Simple things please children, and this was brilliant in his eyes.

watching-the-cbeebies-prom on tv

4, Lifts.  What child doesn’t like a lift?  But a lift in a place you’re sleeping at is more interesting than those boring ones in shops.  These had posh lights and posh mirrors, and it was a case of guessing whether it would be the small one or the larger one that arrived first.  Each time was a game of guessing as we waited.

A hotel is definitely one of those treat occasions.  Usually we’d have stayed in bed and breakfasts if we were going away in the UK, but on this occasion everything was pretty much full, and it was nice to have less to do when it came to accommodation.  Being right on the harbour was lovely (although a bit noisy at night even though we didn’t overlook the river), and N loved going for a walk alongside to explore what was there.

We wandered looking at the boats and finding our bearings on the first evening, checking out the places I had on my ‘to visit’ list (MShed being one). and then heading the other way down the harbour to find somewhere to eat dinner.

Staying on the harbourside was a great position for exploring, with all the main museums and activities near by.  Thankfully N is pretty much used to my cramming in as much as possible to a day out somewhere, and this holiday wasn’t any different.

During our few days away, we spent time in Millennium Square (along with all the other parents up early on a Sunday morning)

splashing in millennium square bristol

exploring M Shed, including sitting at a Victorian school desk while singing in a loud high pitched voice the ABC song (that Happyland village school is totally to blame!).

sitting at a victorian desk in M Shed

Oh, and then a visit to Weston-Super-Mare, Wookey Hole and Bristol Aquarium.  It was a great holiday, and nice to get away visiting somewhere new with N.

Do you enjoy new places, or go back to places you know and love?  What’s been the best new place you’ve visited this Summer?

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  1. It looks like you had a fantastic time 🙂 I love Bristol. I went there on guide camp (years ago) and we went there last year too. Wookey Hole is amazing and is somewhere I would definitely like to take Grace 🙂 #NewThings

  2. We were invited to do this too, if it had come at the start of the summer I’d probably have joined in, but didn’t want any more pressure to do anything with Monkey starting school this week. No idea what the next month will hold for us!! Looks like you had fun though, never been to Bristol either – looks interesting.

    1. Yes, it is a bit odd being at the end of the holidays. I’m hoping that the weather holds for a bit so we can do things in the evenings rather than having to cram in to the weekend. Good luck with school

  3. Looks like you and N had a lovely time. Love the photo of N jumping in the water.Visiting new places and exploring is the best way to making family memories x

    1. It was wonderful to get away. I hope as he grows older he’s still willing to visit places with me rather than just hang around on the farm. I know my mum took us to lots of places in the UK, while my OH’s hardly been anywhere. I think it’s sad when there’s so many places to explore.
      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Always love to visit new places here and Bristol looks fabulous. Happy to hear you had a brilliant time.

    1. Thanks. I’m big on new places too. The only thing I didn’t get to do was shop – never going to happen with a young child in tow

  5. We visited the Bristol balloon festival for the first time today. CSma tent was fantastic. The 6 am launch was amazing.

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