Building our Lego dream house with Ocean Finance

A dream house with Lego

N’s just getting into proper Lego, but when we were sent some Lego to create a dream house for Ocean Finance, he was really excited.

Building our Lego dream house with Ocean Finance

At first N wanted to know where the instructions were because he’s only ever followed instructions to make a specific Lego item.  I had to explain that the beauty of Lego is that you can build whatever you want and however you want  it to look.  Once he’d grasped that idea, he was well away.

reaching for the lego

N doesn’t usually sit down for long, but he got really engrossed in his Lego and was explaining to me what he wanted to build. I got ordered around,

making a Lego house


‘find this, piece like that, put it there’, until we had an exciting house. N didn’t want to build up the walls, so they were left low, but he certainly added lots of extras to his dream house.

big and smaller lego house

Special features included picnic benches, a twirly table, spotlights, separate bedroom area and stairs to a little platform.  Oh, and a slide and ‘see saw’ because every house needs a see saw and a slide.

His house started off having a garage, but then N decided he wanted to make it into a separate house.  So he built that up with multicoloured bricks, then added a roof.  He then announced it was a shed (again).  His steps got moved to the roof along with the slide.

rotating lego disco ball on his dream house

I decided that it needed an extra something, grabbed some lights and made a spinning disco light for the side of the house. N was quite taken with that idea, even though he then told me that he wasn’t going to have any music in his house.  That would be a surprise given the amount of singing that he does.

Other dream house features that N included in his own words:

‘There’s a shed for no one to come into and a bed in the shed’

‘a wind farm for electricity’

‘A chimney near the bed to keep warm’

‘ a post box and wheelie transport’.

involving peppa pig in lego house building
The wheelie transport was for Peppa Pig!

His main concern has been ‘how do you push the window open’.  Unfortunately we couldn’t.

I was really surprised how well he did considering he’s only been using proper Lego fora  few month.  I’m also amazed by how creative he got, and how his imagination is expanding.  I’m just hoping he doesn’t expect a dream house like this to exist.  He already announced today that he wanted to live in the nursery owner’s barn ‘conversion’ house.


Disclosure: we were sent a box of Lego to use to build our dream house competition entry.  All words are our own.

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