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Learning to tell the time with a Minions watch from Watch Shop

N does love trying to wear a clock.  I keep telling him he means a watch but he’s still not quite grasped the correct name.  He loves wearing his beach safety slap bracelet and pretending it’s his clock.

He’s not been too keen about learning to tell the time, he won’t join in with the time in his ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf’ book.  He is always interested in asking what the time is, and likes looking at numbers on my watch and the clock in the car, but I need to find a way to get him to learn.

My plan had been to put a watch on his Christmas list, but the Watch Shop asked us to review one of their children’s watches, so it was an opportune moment to get him thinking more about learning to tell the time.

I chose a Minions character watch for N.  He loves the Minions, and on opening the packet, he was so excited.   Partly because it was something with Minions on, but also because it was a watch.  For him.

minions watch

The watch is an analogue one – I wanted one for him to learn with proper numbers rather than a digital one, although it was too large round his wrist.

After getting an extra hole added to the strap, he has been wearing it, although moans it’s not totally comfortable.  I’m not sure if that’s because his wrist is just too small for the buckle to sit comfortably now it’s been made smaller, or whether it’s because he’s just not used to wearing something round his wrist.  Definitely giving it a couple of years would be a better fit, but it’s a good start for his watch wearing journey.

He did want to take it to school straight away, but I need to check on the policy for that.  I can see him taking it off halfway through the day and leaving it somewhere and it being lost.

The watch face is easy to read with clear numbers, the design is fun, and it’s easy to pull out the knob to correct the time  on getting it home.

minions watch strap

The only downside for me is that the strap is a plasticky one, rather than leather, but it’s great for a fun starter watch to get children interested in telling the time.  It also keeps the time accurately (unlikely my car clock which seems to speed up each week!)

N’s still hit and miss with it (everything is o’clock), but hopefully my answers to his questions, and the wanting to be like his cousin will mean he’ll try harder.  The main draw though, is telling him that once he can tell the time, he can wear his Minions watch to school.

You can buy the Minions Character watch from Watch Shop for £12.99.


Disclosure: We were sent the Minions watch for the purpose of review. All words and opinions are our own.

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  1. Gosh, such a cute watch.
    Hayden is currently looking at his wrist and saying 10 o clock or 4.40 o clock. Its so funny.
    Im actually looking forward to teaching how to tell the time.
    Wishing you the best of in helping N – I bet he can’t wait to show his friends 🙂
    Charlotte x

    1. N’s the same. He keeps asking me what the time is, and how long things will take. It’s just connecting with it and actually learning the time isn’t quite there yet.

  2. As a huge minions fan i think this watch is fabulous! Thanks for sharing. I’m looking for a childrens watch for Sylvia so this has given me a few ideas to think about!

    Angela x

  3. I remember my first watch so well – it was pink (no famous character theme) and I scratched it coming down a slide in a playground the day I got it. My mother was devastated,

  4. Oh I think you have just made my day and found another present for my boy. He loves the minions and every time mammy and daddy were a watch he really wants one too.

  5. Ah yes my little man is Minions Mad. he has so much Minions stuff i dread to think what will happen to everything when he moves on. He doesn’t have a watch though but I think if he saw it he would want it. Don’t want him losing it at school, everyone would want to try it on and it would be lost before you know it. x

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