trunki boostapak booster seat

Convenient and fun car seat and backpack with Trunki Boostapak

N’s been using a high back booster for a while now.  Thankfully he’s always been pretty easy going when it comes to car seats at any age.  He does look grown up in his booster now.  But we have a lot of vehicles on the farm, and moving his seat in and out of all the vehicles is a pain in the neck.

Now he’s 4 and tall enough, for quick drives, when we’ve got a full car, or he’s out on the farm moving from vehicle to vehicle, it’s helpful to have a normal booster seat.  So when we were given the chance to try out the new design from Trunki Boostapak, it was always going to get a good testing.

We were sent the star design.  One of the things I love about Trunki is that there’s a design to suit everyone.  You can go really kiddy, or have something that’ll last children a lot longer.  The star design is striking and will last N years, rather than him outgrowing it in a couple of years time.

trunki boostapak booster seat

I have to admit we did struggle to put the car seat in at first.  The OH was taking N to nursery the next day, and his aunt was picking him up, so we needed to make sure it was set right.  Unlike basic booster seats, the boostapak has a shoulder strap which sits behind the child’s should and the car seat belt clips through it.  It means that you can fix the car seat belt at the child’s shoulder height.  The diagrams weren’t the easiest to understand and I ended up finding a video on YouTube to show me. Once we’d sorted that out, N was all smiles.

trying out the trunki boostapak

Other features include the seat belt guides, the ergonomic back padding for use as a back pack and the removable washable cover.

N loves the boostapak, made more exciting by all the storage space for his toys and colouring pens inside.  He also likes using it as a little seat in the house which makes me laugh seeing him sitting on it.

reading on the trunki boostapak

As well as using the Boostapak for when we’re taking out N’s 6 year old cousin or his friends, it was going to be a great idea for taking on our camping holiday.  N still naps sometimes in the car, so we stuck with the high back booster on the long journey, but because we were going away with so many other mums and their kids, I thought we’d probably need to share cars on day trips to keep parking costs down.  The Trunki Boostapak would be useful to have in the car for other children, rather than moving seats in and out of cars.

It didn’t take up much space in the car which was lucky given how full the car was.  On our one wet day a few of us decided to go to Splash Down in Poole.  We had two other children in the back of the car, and one needed a seat so the Boostapak was perfect for her and did the job for the 45 minute journey.

It’s one of those seats which can be left in the boot or in the under the stairs cupboard, ready for use when needed.  We’ve found it fits in all the vehicles on the farm – Land Rover, pick up, the in laws’ Range Rover.  It reassuring that you don’t need to worry where it can and can’t fit.

You can buy the Trunki Boostapak directly from Trunki, or from other retailers for around £44,99.


Disclosure:  We were sent a Trunki Boostapak for the purpose of review.  All opinions and words are my own.

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  1. Oooh, new designs! We have the green and pink ones for our two and they are fab for lending out but what we got them for was trips to Ireland where we fly over and rent a car – buying these was cheaper than renting boosters for a week and they go on as hand luggage. Perfect. Enjoy 🙂

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