Project 52 2019 week 3 – new sofa day

We’re onto week 3 of Project 52, and it’s been a fairly busy week. Straight onto what’s been going on with us.

On Sunday N had his birthday ‘party‘. We took 3 friends to Riverside Hub for a lot of laser tag and lunch. In the afternoon they all wanted to play at one of the other’s houses, so I had a bit of a chat with the mum which was nice.

Monday was the same as usual, school and work. Work is a bit mad this month – but the event is coming together finally with it taking less of my time. Instead I had other meetings and forecasting to get done.

Tuesday was more work and school. N’s still playing tennis on Tuesdays and also had a good swimming lesson at school. It was also parents’ evening. N came with me but stayed outside looking at the book fair books with other classmates there. His teacher (and the head) both said was a lovely boy he was. His reading age is a good way over what it should be now (despite him not reading much). And his maths understanding is good. We just need to get him more confident with doing reading comprehension (he finds it boring) and getting more done during lessons, both maths and english. I think a lot of it is that he gets so easily distracted. But it was nice to hear such nice things about him.

The evening we spent removing the old sofa and chairs out of the house ready for our new sofa to be delivered, and vacuuming (well, the OH did because he doesn’t trust me to do a good enough job). The sofa was really in a state. It’s where the OH and N sit so it’s got the most of the wear. I’d suggested replacing it over a year ago, but the OH wouldn’t make a decision on the type of sofa he’d want (he needs to be able to sleep on it during calving season so I needed him to check them out). I should have just ordered one back then. We then sat on the floor all night to watch tv. Not the most comfortable.

I worked from home on Wednesday afternoon so I was there for the sofa delivery. The OH did a good job of choosing it – grey (thankfully), although with a lot of cushions. It’s a style I’d have chosen but didn’t think he would. It feels very high up, like I’m sitting on a throne. And if I was any shorter, my feet wouldn’t touch the floor.

Thankfully Thursday I got on top of things at work. It’s always satisfying when things work out as planned.

Friday N had tennis. I’m not liking the new set up where they’ve combined the younger class and his together, with the same 1 coach and 2 assistants. Everyone turned up for once, 15 kids. They send them off in their separate groups, but it means the coach is spread across 5 or 6 more children, and where last term N’s class could spread over 4 courts, they now only have 2. It means there’s a lot more waiting around for a go, and a lot less coaching attention. It didn’t help that the outdoor courts were too icy and the weather too cold for the orange group, so they had to come indoors too, taking up the 4th court. The ones in he team really need more game practice and they didn’t get any this week. Roll on summer and them able to get outside again.

Saturday was a quick trip for a couple of things from Tesco, the market and then N’s swimming lesson. He’s holding his own in this stage, and I now get to chat to a mum who’s daughter used to be in N’s class but changed time so is now at the pool again at the same time. N spent most of the day building lego and dens.

N was very amused to see the sofa outdoors
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  1. Sounds like N had a great birthday party. I wonder how you might make N feel more enthusiastic about reading. Is there any animation series on TV that he enjoys? A lot of boys in Eddie’s class read the How to train your dragon series.
    The new sofa sounds comfy.
    The tennis arrangement is not the best for more advanced children. It’s the same in Eddie’s class, a big mix of kids of different level of playing, some only just starting, and not much coaching going on.

  2. Glad you liked the sofa! Well done on a good parents evening.

    Oh that doesn’t sound ideal with the tennis set up and having to wait around more.

  3. It sounds like N had a fab party! Happy birthday to him!
    It sounds like a fantastic parents evening. Well done N!
    Oh dear. That sofa does look in a sorry state.

  4. I like the sound of the new sofa! Lots of cushions is right up my street. What a great parents evening too, very proud moment to know hes doing so well. I thought Monkey did a lot of stuff in the evenings but nothing on N. I don’t know how you manage to fit it all in!! x

    1. He only does tennis at out of school club. Multisports is a school club. Then he goes to wrap round care. Swimming is on Saturday mornings. He does choir at lunchtime at school and his private lesson us at school. N does nothing compared to others we know.

  5. It must be nice to have a new sofa. Glad N had a good party and parents’ evening. It is frustrating when they change things around like that with sport. No doubt it’s all to do with cost saving! Rugby and football are run by volunteers, so they don’t have the same issues.

    1. I think it’s more to do with some parents having a child in the early group, then having a gap, then having kids in the next group, meaning they had 3 hours of going backwards and forwards. Now they’ve got 2-3 groups running at the same time inside/out so they only have 1 after the next. Sounds like N will be moving up into the next group in April once they’re outside so hopefully that will work better.

  6. It sounds like N had a fab party! Happy birthday to him!
    It sounds like a fantastic parents evening. Well done N!
    Oh dear. That sofa does look in a sorry state.

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