weight loss challenge - Bubbablue and me

Weight loss challenge for 2019 and on

Another year means another weight loss aim.  This time I’m determined to do it and it’s been going well so far 2 weeks in.  I’ve been through phases where I’ve been overweight and it’s certainly an issue on the female side of my family. My mum’s side especially, but my nan on my dad’s side was also overweight (being short didn’t help her).  It’s certainly a ‘getting older’ and having kids thing because my mum was a size 6 until she had me and my brother. While my norm was a size 12, I’ve had several events which haven’t helped my weight stay down.

Why the weight piled on

Hitting the age of 28.  I’d always been fit and healthy, played lots of sport (danced when younger), and once I left uni continued doing a lot of swimming, squash and gym work. But hitting 28 my metabolism certainly started slowing, especially with a longer commute to work

Moving in with the OH was my first noticeable reason. His job is active, he doesn’t need to go to the gym, eats for fuel, and eats what he wants because he burns it off. It’s similar to all the men in his family. So eating large portions with him, and going from eating low fat foods to regular dairy products etc, wasn’t great for me.

Having a child and caesarean. I was so hungry during pregnancy, and pregnant at the same time as a work colleague who was the same. I was still dancing through til 8 months pregnant, but I put on a lot of weight. Not one midwife mentioned that I was putting on a lot.  Half was lost as soon as N was born – he was a big baby, but the rest I kept losing half a stone and gaining again, then gradually gaining more.

Using the car for everything.  We live 2 miles (and an hour walk due to a huge hill) from the nearest convenience shop, and 7 miles from basically anything else. There are no paths.  So unless you enjoy walking over fields (I don’t), you have to drive everywhere.  I try and walk at lunchtimes but sometimes there’s no time, and 30 mins doesn’t really make a difference.

Still eating big portions when I do less exercise. It’s hard to change the habit. And exercise is hard to fit in. 

Will power.  I’ve started diets, I even lost 4 stone one year, then one blip camping and it all went downhill again. It doesn’t take long to put on weight, but a lot of time to lose it again. And starting is always the hardest part, as well as getting back on the wagon after a blip.

weight loss challenge - Bubbablue and me

Weight loss history

In the past I lost some weight to get back to target, pre children and found it easy. No children, eat at lunch (and get the OH to eat at the farm after work, so neither of us have to wait until 7.30 to eat which is too late for both of us).  And daily morning exercise as well as lots of dancing in the evenings.  I used calorie counting online, but it takes a lot of planning and recording.

I’ve tried since N a couple of times and this is the third time.  For me, because I’ve so much to lose, I’ve gone back to New You plan. I’ve tried it before and it’s doable. I’m not a fan of meal replacements because they’re not as healthy as proper healthy eating and calorie counting which I know also works for me.  But it’s now proven that it’s a good way to get immediately down to something healthier, and I’ve the intention of losing half my weight on this, and then reverting to a calorie controlled healthy diet.

I don’t do the plan 100%. 4 days at work I follow it – 4 meals, bars or shakes, and then Friday to Sunday I do 2 meals on plan, then eat healthier version of the family meal so we all eat together.  It still works and I like the flexibility.  Especially as I want N to see me still eating healthily when I’m around him.

I didn’t weigh myself to start with. Once I lose a bit I’ll start weighing myself once a week.  But I think I’ve lost nearly a stone in 2.5 weeks. My trousers are definitely looser but I’ve a long way to go.

Explaining dieting to children

Making sure that N has a healthy outlook on food is key. He’s like me, a grazer, and would eat all day given the chance. He is aware about healthy eating as school obviously do lessons covering it.  I’ll also encourage him to have fruit or similar rather than just yoghurt or treats for snacks.

Luckily he does eat most meals put in front of him, and likes veg.  He eats a pretty well balanced diet but does probably eat too many sweet things – he’ll often have dessert, but will then get given cake and biscuits or treats over at the farm. Most is homemade, but he’s active so needs the fuel.  My only concern is if he’s too much used to grazing or too many treats, that’s what he’ll carry on when he’s older and will need to make sure he continues being active.

He sees me have a shake for breakfast and tea during the week (none of us eat together 4 days a week due to timings etc) and knows that it’s because I want to get healthier and fitter and will help me start off and lose some weight before I’ll move to normal healthy eating. He knows that it’s a temporary thing and that being healthy means balancing out your food and exercising.  I’ve definitely focused on the getting healthy and fit, aiming for a healthier weight and he seems happy with that.

I’m less concerned than if N was a girl. Yes boys have eating disorders, but N has a healthy outlook on life so I hope he’ll continue with that going forwards.  

So roll on those pounds coming off, and hopefully this time next year I’ll be at or near target.

Have you started a diet or healthy lifestyle this year? How’s it going?

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  1. I planned to start. I haven’t actually done anything about it yet!! Good luck with reaching your goals!

    1. Thanks, it’s so hard to make the start isn’t it. But I want to get back to dancing, and realistically I want to feel a bit more comfortable having lost a stone or 2 before I get back

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