sheepdog running across a laser shooting combat ground

Project 52 2023 week 30

We’ve just about made it to summer holidays this week, and getting ready for my first week off of the summer. It feels like there’s a lot of phone calls to make, a lot of organising, and I need to start eating out our freezer so I can defrost it. It frosts up way too much whether it’s empty or full, so it’s frustrating.

Here’s our week 30 of Project 52.

Sunday we were meant to be meeting up with my bestfriend and her children halfway. But the forecast had been so bad with rain/thunder due all day, we decided against it. It must have been a real north south divide with the weather because it was dry at home all day, with it quite hot in the afternoon. We’ll hopefully see them for a few days over the summer holidays because for once our leave from work matches up. Yay.

Instead we went to a different milk vending machine as our local one is closed (we’re really hoping they can fix things because we’d hate for them to close). Bought some new footballs and larger cricket bat (yet more sports equipment!). I had a bit of a nap after lunch as I’d had a headache and just felt really wiped out.

On Monday it was back to work and school. Work felt like it was non stop and prepping ahead of time off next week.

Tuesday was the last half day of school. Yes Year 7 is over. I was in training all day – it was a good group and I learnt some useful techniques and things to think about. N decided he wanted to cook the sausages on the BBQ, so he cleaned that then cooked them. Followed by smores. Yum. I got dragged out to kick a football at him too.

Wednesday, first day of the holidays, and it started with half of N’s brace having fallen out in the night and he couldn’t find it. We ended up having to move the bed quite some way, and found it in the tiny gap under the bed. Thankfully undamaged.  I was working. Luckily it was nice warm weather until tea time. N had his cousin over most of the day and they played pretty much every sport possible in the garden.

On Thursday it was a busy day at work, trying to get lots done before going on leave. N spent the whole day out on the farm. It’s nice to see him out and not sitting in playing on his xbox and watching Youtube. The only downside is he won’t wear his braces when he’s out farming so it means there’s limited wear in the day time unless I’m there and nag him.

Friday was my short work day. And now a week off.  We realised that we’d not bought a gift for N’s friend who’s having a party on Saturday so had to rush into town to get something. Tennis was the last of the term. There was only 5 of them, so they had doubles and singles matches going on. And very little chit chat as everyone was in focus mode.

On Saturday N was at a friend’s laser shooting party. There were 10 of them playing, a mix from primary school friends and the birthday boy’s new school. They all seemed to get on well, and they enjoyed it. The weather only tipped it down just as they were going inside for lunch. By mid afternoon I was exhausted though – and I hadn’t even taken part. Then N went off to see what they were doing for harvest when back home.

sheepdog running across a laser shooting combat ground

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  1. The weather has been dreadful hasn’t it. I think today has been the best day in quite sometime, so hopefully things are changing for your week off. Phew I am glad you managed to find the brace and it was undamaged after its little adventure! Hope you have a lovely week off work. The venue for the laser tag looks great in that picture, lots of good places to duck behind and hide.

  2. Wow N’s first year in secondary sure has gone fast. Grrr to the braces, glad they were found, good he’s not on his xbox so much but annoying he doesn’t wear his braces on the farm. Hope the weather improves for you

    1. We’re going to have to see if we can get in sooner than his appointment and see if the braces can be tightened as they’ve fallen out again at night.

  3. That’s a shame you never got to meet up with your friend. I hope you get to over the summer.
    N sounds really good with the BBQ. What a treat. It sounds like a good start to the summer holidays. The laser shooting party sounds like fun. x

  4. Congratulations to N for finishing year 7. I hope he will have a lovely holiday. It must have been great to find the braces still working.
    We had rain in Liverpool, but nice(r) weather in London, but still not summery enough.

  5. The weather is just ridiculous. We had to cancel some plans and we are going away this week to Lake District but lots of rain forecast! Can’t cancel going away otherwise I would have.

    Glad you managed to find the braces undamaged…they cost a lot to replace!

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