Wasgij original retro 3 - 20th party parade

Wasgij Original 27 20th Party Parade solution

I’ve been pleased to see Wasgij puzzles are more readily available again. I just need to sell on some of my puzzles to make room before buying more. I’d missed this Wasgij Original 27 20th party parade puzzle first time round, but was pleased to get hold of it.  It was a nice puzzle to do, and not too hard to complete.

Wasgij original retro 3 - 20th party parade

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If you’re not that familiar with, or are totally new to Wasgij puzzles, don’t panic. I think they take 3 or 4 completed before you get your eye in.  If I’ve had a break for a while, it takes one to get back into them again after doing puzzles where you have an image.  If you want tips on how to complete them, then my step by step guide to completing a Wasgij walks you through how I do them.

This anniversary edition Wasgij 20th Party Parade is a fun image as usual with the Wasgij puzzles. Celebrating the brand’s 20 years, it’s got some familiar characters all trying to grab their own Wasgij puzzles on the box. There’s the usual  comedic images to solve and enjoy. Then you need to find what they’re looking at outside the shop.

Scroll down to see the solution below plus a video for closer detail.

If you’re after a board to make puzzling easier, then check out my puzzle accessories post.

Along with the usual 1000 piece mystery puzzle, this box also includes a second free 1000 piece puzzle which is the box image. I rarely do the second ones unless I’m short of puzzles in my to do pile – I find them a bit boring doing Wasgij images when I know what they are. Strange given I like doing other normal puzzles.

You can buy Wasgij puzzles* on the high street, from online puzzle suppliers.

wasgij original 27 20th party parade puzzle solution

Which jigsaw puzzles are your favourite?

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