Wasgij destiny 24 business as usual

Wasgij Destiny 24 Business as Usual puzzle solution

Wasgij released their next Destiny puzzle earlier than expected. Usually releases are January and in the summer, but Wasgij Destiny 24 Business as Usual came out in December. I was lucky to pick up one of them after email notification so have been able to spend a few hours completing it after Christmas.

Wasgij destiny 24 business as usual

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As one of the Wasgij Destiny range, you don’t make the box image. Instead you have to work out what the box image might look like in the future. In this case over the past 2 years under Covid times.

It made me chuckle seeing it completed, with masks, online deliveries and home working and schooling. Not forgetting a nod to one of the classic Wasgij characters.

With most of the recent Wasgij puzzles this is one of the easier ones. In fact I completed it in around 3 hours which is good going as I’ve not done puzzles for a while.

You can find the solution below.

If you’d like to know how I do Wasgij puzzles without a solution check out my step by step guide. You can also find all my other Wasgij puzzle solutions there too. Try the usual online puzzle stockists (signing up for any out of stock/prelaunch alerts works well) or try Amazon for preivious Wasgij puzzles*.

wasgij destiny 24 business as usual so

Let me know how you get on with it.

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