sunset in a car window

Project 366 2015 week 1

It’s a new year, a leap year so my third year of taking a photo a day is Project 366.

On New Year’s day, I awoke and once it was light looked out the window to see this sight.  N’s 14 ft trampoline had been blown from the middle of the garden (it’s big) on top of the fence at the back.  It’s pretty wrecked, frame, leg facing the wrong way etc.  I was pretty confident it would have stayed in its place given it hasn’t moved all autumn or winter.  It stayed through the whole blustery day, but one big gust in the middle of the night must have done it.

broken windswept trampoline

The Saturday after new year, the OH was out at another shoot, and it was a hideous day weatherwise. We needed to get out though, so headed to Witney to do some pottery painting. N was quite into it, although he was finished after about 10 minutes. Mine took somewhat longer.  I love doing it, but it’s hard to know when to stop and what design to do.

pottery painting tiles

On Sunday it was the most beautiful sunset.  I don’t notice many of them, unlike sunrises which I take a lot of photos of. But I was cooking, looked out the window and spotted it in my car window.

sunset in a car window

On Monday, I didn’t take many photos because it was back to work. But while out at lunchtime, I spotted these flowers – so pretty.  I really should buy more flowers for the house (and to photograph!)

flowers in whites

On Tuesday morning I had a panic that we couldn’t find the reading book that N had brought home over Christmas. Needless to say he hadn’t read it  – refusing because it was boring,   We found it and he was sent home with this book.  More dull books, but he managed to read all of it.  The first book he did so.

First reading book completed

On Wednesday we had a wandering child. By the time I went up to bed I found him there.  He’s too heavy for me to be moving in his sleep now, so I just left him there. The OH usually moves him if he spots him earlier but it was too late for that. One benefit is that he doesn’t seem to get up as early – I don’t think he hears his dad go out early when he’s not in his own room.

sleeping boy with teddy

On Thursday the drive to work saw some beautiful skies.

sunrise over the farm along the road

Friday after school, we had a frantic rush around.  A brief photoshoot with his best friend for their joint party birthday cake, dentist check up for me, and then quickly into the supermarket to pick up a couple of things.  N’s obsessed with his camera at the moment, and is taking it everywhere.  We’ve no cable for it, the pictures it takes are rubbish but it’s great that he enjoys using it.  I need to get him a proper camera because my compact that he usually has a go with, seems to have gone walkies somewhere…along with my tripod. No idea where they are.

boy taking photos in Tesco

On Saturday it was a day of party prep and driving around sorting things out.  My best friend sent me a crochet blanket pack for Christmas, so I’ve been doing a bit each night.  But I’ve got to the final row of green, only to find I’m about a metre short.  Guess there’ll be no crochet until Monday when I can get into the wool shop at lunchtime.  You can also see my muck up – can’t believe I managed to cock up twice. I couldn’t be bothered to go back and correct it as I’ll be the one using the blanket.  It’s so annoying when you notice it too late.  This is going to be the first blanket I’ve actually completed.

run out of yarn in my crochet

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  1. I love the crochet blanket, such pretty colours, although I couldn’t see the mistake. I know what you mean about boring school books, mine love reading but I have to bribe them with one of their good books IF they read the school ones first!

  2. Next time you come to do pottery in Witney, you’re most welcome to pop over for a cup of tea or coffee. We always have some cakey bakes or chocolate.
    Love the sleeping beauty photo, so serene

  3. happy new year 🙂
    i love the sunset taken through the car window – very clever. i also love the young David Bailey lol – as I mentioned my two have been the same – photos of everything and anyone who pops into see us at home!!! Shame about that trampoline – you can’t believe that wind can be so strong. x

  4. Gosh I can’t believe the wind moved your trampoline like that! It really has been horrid weather-wise hasn’t it? Love the bedtime pic of your boy sleeping. Don’t they all look so angelic when sleeping?!

  5. Love your crochet blanket – have to confess I couldn’t see the mistakes – it looks great to me. Love the photo with the sunset reflected in the car window and the photo of N sleeping is just adorable. That must have been quite a gust to blow such a big trampoline on to the fence, what a shame it’s been wrecked having managed to stay in place up until now.

  6. Love the way you’ve captured the sky in the window of the car.
    I think all school reading books are boring! My daughter is in year 5 and we’re really struggling with her book which is both boring and really difficult to understand/ follow.
    Well done on your blanket (even if it has got a slight mistake!).

  7. Congratulations on your blanket! I’ve only managed a couple crochet ones myself. I always seem to find the mistakes too late to bother to fix them.
    My 6yo has been begging for a camera. I think I’m just about ready to let her have at the old phone which takes decent photos.
    Oh my! That wind!!!

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