project #365 week 16

Project 365: photo a day week 16

Week 16 of project 365, the run up to Easter and there’s been lots of lovely dry (and mostly sunny) weather.  Which means, lots of outdoor play after nursery and work.  The downside is that lots of outdoor play means one really tired little boy, early bedtimes, and therefore much earlier wake ups.  It really does help if you have a second parent at home to keep said child awake, during that post nursery slump when one parent is making tea.  I don’t.

project #365 week 16

Sunday – we did the Gruffalo trail at Salcey Forest, had a nice walk out, tried some of the activites, and just generally had a lovely time.  We stopped for a break and I tried to get some selfies which are the only photos that N will pose for.  He’s spent much of this week pulling faces, and doing a thumb to nose hand wave, and the photo doing a double handed thumb to cheek wave.  I think he’s got it from his Uncle.

Monday – After being out so much during the day (at nursery during free flow, he’s the child who plays out all day apart from for food), N’s really suffering with tiredness on coming home from nursery. By 6.30 most days this week he’s been snoozing downstairs. Means easy and quick bedtimes, fewer baths (don’t tell the OH, who insists on daily baths for N!), but earlier wake ups.

Tuesday – I don’t really do gardening, and have no idea what to do about plants (I currently have 3 pots in the kitchen that I think need re-potting in larger pots, but will probably die off before I remember to do it!), but I do love to see bright flowers coming through.  The wall in the garden is about my limit, and last year we sowed ‘children’s seeds’ which were super fast growing, bright mix of flowers.  It seems they’re coming up again this year (result!), and the orange flowers are just gorgeous and sunny.

Wednesday – N’s spent every evening after nursery playing outside.  Well more like it’s a refusal to go into the house after arriving home, until he’s almost asleep on his feet.  His (ebay purchased) tractor is a favourite.

Thursday – I had Thursday off while N was off from his nursery school as well.  I had amazing plans for the whole weekend getting out and about.  Instead, N decided this was the day he’d wear pants, so putting paid to all of our plans.  We did have to go out to his day nursery’s easter hunt and picnic though, so Easter Bonnet in hand, he spent a couple of hours charging around in a field there.

Friday – N always wants to see what his dad’s doing on the farm, especially because he’s not seeing him in the evenings before bed now that they’re working later.  Now N’s got a taste for going on the swing that’s hung from the tree by the gate, he likes to spend quite a lot of time on it…with me pushing, as he’s not got the hang of it yet.

Saturday – Being at home and not out and about as much, N tends to ask me all the time when his cousin’s coming to play.  So this morning we had to ring him and ask him over.  They had a great hour or so playing on the (now mended) trampoline, out in the garden on the ride on toys and new Ezy Roller, and playing with the wooden railway.  I love it that they get on so well, although I think his cousin was getting a bit exasperated that N didn’t want to just tag along and play the same role play game that he did.

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  1. Love how N is an outdoor boy. I always feel sad when they’re older and get less time outside at school. They do get so tired though don’t they? The flower looks like a perfect pick me up for the damp and grey today 🙂

    1. He really does get tired with the whole outdoor thing. Definitely noticeable compared to normal everyday routines.
      I think school’s definitely going to be hard, being stuck indoors more. But then, at least he’s got the farm at home which makes it easy to get outside.
      Thanks for stopping by

  2. I love the swing shot too. Just a shame from the other angles that I get ugly farm buildings in shot!
    So nice for the children to be outside lots, but does screw up parental sleeping (note to sell, must start getting earlier bedtimes in preparation for early wake ups!)

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