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I had grand plans for the Easter weekend.  I’d taken the Thursday off work to tie in with N being off nursery, so had planned going to National Trust properties, doing various Easter events/trails and the like.

Instead, N decided on Thursday morning that he would be wearing pants.  So, it’s great that he’s finally decided that he’s going to wear pants all the time, but not very great for our activities and my cabin fever/boredom levels.  I hate being stuck at home as I always feel like I should be doing housework, rather than doing and seeing interesting new places.

Luckily being pretty much stuck at home isn’t as drastic as it might have been, as the weather’s been nice, and we’ve got lots of open spaces to mooch around on the farm and in the garden.

I decided that we could get out the last of N’s ‘birthday’ presents.  I’d stocked up on so many things at Christmas and his birthday, that it seemed pointless giving him everything.  Especially the Ezy Roller as it had said it was for 4 year olds and up.  But given we were at home, it was a good idea to get it out, snap the few poles into place, and then learn how to use it.

ezy roller

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I’d spotted this Ezy Roller* on an online website in the sale, then went through a panic as they were struggling with sale demand, so I thought we might not get it.  But arrive it did, and this week I put it together, and N got stuck in.

Whenever I bring out something new that needs some physical ability to pick it up, I’m always astounded by how quickly N can do these things.  Looking at it, it seems like an odd concept – you simply put your feet on the bar, then step your feet to make it move.  It struck me as weird, but N sat down and straight away worked it out.

ezy roller in action

The downside is it needs a flat surface, and we’re limited to a patio, but N’s been using it inside and out, so is getting pretty proficient at going not only straight, but just about having a bit of steering.
N also had his nursery Easter Egg hunt and party, so we headed up the road to take part in that.

toddler easter bonnet

After posing for a selfie, he wasn’t keen on wearing the hat,  despite his friends there wearing theirs.

He loved searching for eggs in the nursery’s forest school (and stopping to play with the toys), attempted avoided the egg and spoon race, by just handing the spoon and egg to me, and had a picnic sitting on hay bales.

egg and spoon race

I don’t think he quite got the hand of the egg and spoon race. He was more concerned about where his friend was, and then spent most of the time running to feed the nursery shetland ponies, or running up and down the field.  No wonder he was exhausted by the time he got home.

Our trampoline poles suffered a bit this winter in the winds, so N’s been going on at his dad for a while to fix them.  I thought they were totally broke, but the OH assures me that they’d just come out of their joints, so they’re fixed.  Yesterday was the first time in a year N had been on the trampoline, so he was excited to try it out.

He had great fun running round and bouncing, although it was fairly fleeting before we moved on to something else.

A bit of a potter down at the farm…now his dad’s working longer hours, we quite often have to ‘go and see where dad is’ down at the yard.  There is the bonus that N can go on the swing on the way.  It’s been by that gate for years and all the cousins have used it.  I just need to get N to learn how to swing himself now.

farm swing

So a fairly ordinary at home and on the farm few days, with the prospect of a few ahead.

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    1. It’s brilliant. It was a totally random find before Christmas, that I thought would do for him when he was older (was an absolute bargain), but I didn’t really think about what it was like until we got it out of the box. It’s great

  1. I love the look of the Ezy Roller and N is obviously having such fun riding it too! I hope the pants wearing is going well and at least you were out in the sunshine having fun still. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

    1. Pants is going ok. But then he did take his time deciding he was ready to do it.
      I’m very jealous of the Ezy Roller, it looks such good fun, and his old cousins are itching to have a go as well. Thanks for popping by

    1. I like the hat too, but he’s not keen (I keep adding to it every year!). He refused to stand with the other pre-schoolers to have their hats judged. Obviously doesn’t like being checked up and down

    1. It’s great fun. The 5 year old was funny using it though – didn’t quite grasp it as quickly. I’ve found the clips on youtube of them in NZ so will have a laugh and look at some of those. Definitely lucky with the weather at the moment
      thanks for commenting.

  2. A fairly ordinary day which sounds idyllic! The Ezy Roller looks fab – how is it that kids have this innate ability to just get on it and go?! Cute pics 🙂

    1. It’s great, the get on and go. Although I presumed it was an automatic child thing for so many actions, but have spoken to so many people whose children don’t get on with pedals, balance bikes, scooters, when N knew what to do straight away. Guess some are more physical and practical, others are more thoughtful and astute in mind and emotions.

  3. That Ezy Roller is a brilliant contraption, love it! I found my way to you through #PoCoLo and love the design of your blog, its colours and the cute badge. I have seen quite a few websites designed by ‘All at Sea’ recently, absolutely gorgeous! Mel #PoCoLo

    1. Thanks. Appreciate the comment. Helen’s designs are lovely – she’ll be taking over the blogging design world before long!

      I’ve now discovered all the youtube Ezy Roller clips. Going to have fun watching some of those! Thanks for popping by and commenting.

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