chasing the combine harvester

Canal walks and chasing the combine harvester

We spend a lot of time going out and about.  Well, just outside in general although I do admit that much of the time at home it’s N going out on the farm with his dad rather than me going out with him.  We do spend a bit of time in the garden too.  I also take N to lots of interesting places on day trips or longer visits.

chasing the combine harvester

But sometimes simpler works just as well as a day out. With N often better, because I don’t get the moans about him wanting to go on the farm. Maybe he’s just a bit of a home body.

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve had some spontaneous trips out.  Less like trips, more like wanders.

The first was after we’d been to watch Motionhouse Captive performance at our local arts centre.  The centre is alongside the canal so N decided we should go and look for narrow boats and walk to the park.  He was probably trying to avoid going home to bed.

Checking out Banbury locks
painted street art mural in Banbury
Street art bird mural in town

Being evening there weren’t many canal boats along the walk, but N was happy enough just looking at the water and bridges.

purple flowers by the canal

We watched someone fishing in the canal from his boat. Of course, N didn’t keep his voice down when he  wanted to know why he was fishing from the boat and commenting how horrible fish from the canal might taste. Luckily the man had someone else talking to him so hopefully he didn’t hear!

We were in a hurry so there was no time to go and play in the park but N insisted on running twice round the scooter/bike track, followed by a quick look to see if the blackberries alongside the canal had ripened.

Blackberries ripening

It was a lovely walk and nice to be out in the evening rather than middle of the day.

As well as a canal walk, we’ve also been on a spontaneous cycle ride.  I’d spotted a combine harvester in the field opposite my sister in law’s house on my way home from work.  So I suggested we cycle down to watch it for a while.

It was a little warm to be out cycling even in the evening (I don’t know how people do it in hot countries) and probably wasn’t the best idea with a dodgy knee.  But we had a lovely cycle down to the field.

Combine harvester at work

Typically when we got there, the combine was way over the other side of the field and didn’t look like it was coming towards the road any time soon. So it was a fleeting stop there, a quick drop in to say hi to my sister in law and N’s cousins, before riding home again.

waiting for the combine harvester

N loves going out on his bike, but to go on a proper bike ride for a specific purpose is what he really enjoys.  Plus of course, making last minute decisions on something to do is a nice surprise.

Do you do much spontaneous activities?  What things do you enjoy as a family?

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  1. What a wonderfully fantastic little wonders these turned out to be. NO looks like he had a great time on both occasions. Xx #countrykids

  2. A wonderful wander indeed and lovely photos too. I adore spontaneous outings and often find that ‘going with the flow’ (and the mood) of everyone makes for the best moments.

  3. We love spontaneous and fear we haven’t been in a while. We live right next to a canal so often head up and down it. No locks though but plenty of boats! #countrykids

  4. This is so lovely, sometimes spontaneous wanders are even more enjoyable than meticulously planned walks – me and husband used to go for wanders almost every evening in the spring/summer before children. It is an amazing, beautiful and peaceful time to be out! We rarely go these days as I am always too desperate to just get the children into bed!

    1. I know that bedtime feeling. We used to go for bike rides pre-N, but the OH is always working now. It does now feel like more of an effort. Sign of getting older I suppose!

    1. Yes, it’s handy having the bikes because we only need to go a mile or so to the village and to both sets of cousins’ houses so N is usually happy. Thanks for stopping by

  5. Spontaneous trips can be the best kind! Looks like you have been having lots of outdoors adventures together 🙂 #countrykids

  6. Spontaneous outings are often the best, the boys on their river adventure for my post was equally spontaneous, if still on the farm. There is no planning for a trip like this and gives you more time to go with the flow, also without having your expectations set by plans, everything becomes an adventure. I like the bed stalling technique from N, still you got a lovely walk out of it and N wore himself out running!
    The fields look amazing and just perfect for harvesting, I’m sorry you missed the combine, they are such stunning machines to watch in action.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

    1. I’m sure he’ll get to see it at some point being taken over to it by the guys, but I was really the one who wanted to take some photos. Needed my good camera and zoom rather than my phone!

  7. We love going on spontaneous outings. Just exploring an area. Canals have a certain atmosphere about them. I have to admit, I still rush out for the combine harvester when its on the farm opposite us. #CountryKids

    1. Ssh, really I was the one who wanted to check out the combine so I could take some photos – too far for my phone camera! But taking my big camera on the bike was a bit too much!

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