face off between boy and black labrador

Project 366 2016 week 33 – penguins to teddy bears

This week I was surprised to realise that we’ve only got 2 weeks left of the holidays.  It really has whizzed by and after last week’s 1 day off and trip to London, we’ve got a week and a half of me being off work, so I’m getting planning for all those days.  Holiday here we come for a few days – and N will be going on his first flight.  That was his one request for holiday.

Here’s week 33 of Project 366.

On Sunday I took N to Cotswold Wildlife Park.  We’ve been a couple of times before, but this time did manage to see most of it.  The penguins are some of our favourites, but there wasn’t much action because the keeper was in the water ‘hoovering’ up the poo off the bottom of the pool.  Turns out they’re scared of the hose. This photo was just before they were ready to dive.

penguins ready to swim at Cotswold Wildlife park

On Monday it was back to work, but in the evening the sun was streaming into the living room and I managed to get some lovely photos of N concentrating on playing tractors.

golden hour concentration on toy tractors

On Tuesday, we finished off the scones I made at the weekend. They don’t last long in our house, but I was gutted we had no strawberry jam.  Raspberry just doesn’t taste as good.

scones with raspberry jam and clotted cream

All of this holiday that N’s been at holiday club, although I’d booked N in for 8-8.30 to 5.30, N’s been picked up by 3pm by his dad or various other family members.  Of course I checked with the OH before paying my invoice but he didn’t say it’d be all the time. Not using those 2 hours is costing me a lot of money which could have been spent on holidays, meals out or school uniform.  Of course, the OH didn’t think about that before I paid my bill.  It also means that my mother-in-law is having to feed N each day before I get home, but the bonus is he gets to go out and do some farming each day.  On Wednesday I went to collect him from the farm only to see him having an amusing face off with our dog.

face off between boy and black labrador

On Thursday I looked out of the window and spotted the sun-setting.  The sky was really pink, it was beautiful.

pink sunset

Early on Friday morning just before I went to bed (yes, I do stay up way too late), I spotted the moon looking pink and got this photo.  I do need some practice ( and ideally a longer lens than my 300mm equivalent to avoid needing to crop so much) at doing night photography, but I was pleased with how this turned out.

pink full moon

On Saturday, it was an odd job type of day and pottering.  N had to come into town with me for my hair appointment and insisted on taking his teddy bear with him.  I love the outfit he was in as well.  His shorts are actually chinos but look more casual because they’re quite long, and the stripy top goes so well with it.

walking with a teddy bear

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    1. I love scones. They’re so easy and quick to make, and I’ve always got the ingredients (as long as I remember the cream and jam!)

  1. i love penguins, they are my favourite bird along with flamingoes. I used to get really annoyed with sorting childcare during the holidays, it always got messed up by relatives wanting to collect the kids and altering their routine

    1. It wouldn’t have been too bad if only he’d said to me ‘yes someone will pick him up each day at 3’. It’s the fact I told him I was paying til 5 and paying the next day, and that I needed to know, and he still didn’t say. Very annoying. Hopefully they didn’t waste food having to cater for N but then not use it.

  2. Oh what a lovely week. I have to disagree that raspberry jam is way better tha strawberry on scones or pretty much anything! You’ve taken some love my photos and I too can’t believe that the holidays are going so fast. I can’t believe it. Too fast. Thanks for joining the #weekendblogshare

  3. Ours went back to school this week.
    There have been some gorgeous sunsets this week.
    Laughed at the face off with the dog.
    I prefer raspberry jam as long as it has the pips in.

    1. Maybe that’s where I went wrong with the jam, it was Hartleys seedless, rather than a posh version.
      I always forget how early some countries/schools go back. Feels like so much of the summer is missed out on for them. Hope it’s not been too painful going back for them

    1. Thanks Kim. Can’t believe 7 weeks has come round so quickly. So much to do before the end of October, and nowhere near planning for all that. Have a good week

  4. The holidays really have flown by! It made me laugh about the penguin poo being hoovered up! That’s a lovely photo of N in his stripy top and red shorts. I’m amazed that you’re up in the early hours of the morning – I’m usually dropping off in front of the TV at about 10.15pm!

    1. It was very amusing to watch the hoovering. Shame they have to do it in the day when everyone just wants to see penguins swimming, but it did mean the keeper got to hear some amusing comments and questions from all the young children watching including N!

      I’m terrible having turned myself into a night owl. I’m always blogging and doing various online things late, because I don’t sit down until just before 8. Some days I’m dancing, so that means getting back past 11, and sometimes I’ll go to bed at 11.30 and then read to unwind.

    1. I thought my lens was quite a long one. I’m not sure I’d use it for anything more than night skies, so don’t think it probably warrants spending the money, but I might check it out.

      It’s been a long time since I’ve flown so a bit worried about the whole booking luggage and checking in ahead of time. I’ve booked with ebookers, so no idea how it works sorting out the flight directly with the airline for details. I’ve got a lot to check and sort out this week just for a domestic flight!

      1. Never flown domestic before but would imagine the online check in would be easy enough, you don’t have to be there so far ahead either do you do not so much hanging around. If you’re flying from Birmingham they have a free kids activity area at gate 3 and 54 which N might like. Hoping to have approval for my post early in the week, but Monkey enjoyed it. Just have something for N to chew/swallow for landing, that’s the only time we have an issue.

        1. Fab to know. I did see you mention the kids activity area so that’s handy to have. Yes, I guess fruit pastilles or something similar. He’ll love having a sweet treat.

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