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Photo queuing

I love getting proper professional photos taken of my baby.  Of course I take loads of my own photos, but you can never get a nice background (unless you want to set the place up properly).  It’s lovely to have some nice momentos (plus with Pixifoto you get a complimentary photo anyway, so you don’t necessarily have to pay loads for extra ones unless you really want to).

We’re doing the cherub photos scheme anyway – for which we get 3 photo sessions/portfolio during the first year.  Those are in a photographer’s studio – we go to ‘Clare Louise’ who’s my nearest one – and we get some stunning photos to choose from.  We just need to wait til N can stand on his own before booking our last session.

But generally when Pixifoto come to town with their mobile studios, it’s a good opportunity to have some photos taken.  I initially got Bounty vouchers in the hospital pack, but then signed up for their birthday club online, and so get sent offers (generally £2.99 for a sitting/complementary photo, rather than the £4.99 usual price) and notification when they’re in the area.

The hard thing is timing when you go to make sure you’ve got both a happy baby, and no queues as it’s first come first served.  Usually I’ve not found it an issue but this time I had a free voucher due to having filled in a survey, and sods law (presumably because it’s pre-Christmas) , there’ve been huge queues.  Went 2 days on the trot at different times, then on the third decided that we’d have to hope Ndidn’t need his usual morning nap and that we’d need to be there when it opened at 9am.  Thankfully today, he decided to wake earlier, and therefore wanted his nap earlier, so by the time we got into town we were second in the queue and he was on fine form.

Previously, we’ve been to one mobile studio where there were 2 photographers alternating which meant the spare one could build up a rapport with the next baby/child in the queue which worked really well, but that’s not normal.  Given that N’s now in the crawling & exploring stage, with a bit of clinginess thrown in for good measure, I wasn’t sure how it was going to do.

But luckily, he was an absolute star.  Lots of smiles (with teddy & encouragement), he sat nicely and lay in the right positions.  The only parts that I wasn’t surprised about was when he was put in a santa hat (he doesn’t like hats).

Really looking forward to picking up the photos in a couple of weeks and seeing how they came out.

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