practising manual camera use

Project 365 2015 – photo a day week 3

We’re into week 3 of Project 365 and I feel like we’ve not really been out and about much.  January’s always a bit manic because it’s full of birthday parties for N’s friends, so there’s not much chance for us to go out and explore different places.  The weather’s not been brilliant either and work’s been manic, so that means less time out at lunchtimes for me. Very little in the way of photo opportunities.

On Sunday, N went to a pirate birthday party.  As soon as he got home he wanted to get out his paints to decorate the treasure chest they were given in their party bags.

painting a treasure chest

Monday was just another normal day. I’ve been trying to play with my camera a bit more this week, although this seemed to be the only photo from that day worth putting up.  I can’t remember what N was watching, but he was engrossed at the time.

watching television

Tuesday saw the delivery of N’s birthday (and Christmas, and last year’s birthday) present.  A climbing frame from Dunster House.  I promised him a climbing frame last year, didn’t get round to it, so finally sorted it out this year.  I’ve no idea how long it’s going to take to get the OH to put it up.  I thought I might be able to do it myself, but it says it needs 2 people and I need to pre-drill everything. I definitely need to get either my brother or the OH to use their tools!  I can’t believe the tiny amount that’s been delivered considering the size of the finished climbing frame.

Dunster house climbing frame delivery

Wednesday was the stage where I’d caught up with the 2 online photography courses I’m doing at the moment…oh and chuck in a social media one too (which is turning out to be a lot more basic than I thought).  So I lined up some of N’s toys to practise on manual.  With lenses to worry about, and manual, it’s a lot to take in.  I’m hoping the courses will give me a bit of confidence to use manual.  Then once these are finished I shall try and get a local photography course so I can get some practice in with someone who can check what I’m doing and answer all my questions.

practising manual camera use

N loves his new onesie, and on Thursday retrieved his Jesse bear from nursery where he’d left it the week before. I grabbed some photos while he was mucking around before bed.

Gruffalo onesie

Friday, I managed to get out fleetingly at lunchtime, got all the jobs done that I needed, then nipped in to Druckers quickly to get some lunch.  Countdown to the diet starting on Monday…can’t beat gawping at pretty cakes.

Druckers patisserie

Saturday and it was another party for N.  This one was at a nearby leisure centre on their ‘baby bounce’ style soft play equipment.  I’d thought it would probably be a free for all, but it turned out to have 2 party leaders doing organised games with them.  N wasn’t keen on taking part, he just wanted to ride on anything with wheels…trike or go kart.  I wish we had more drive that wasn’t gravel, because he’d love one of these, but with a massive farm drive, there’s just nowhere for him to ride it.

pedal go kart at soft play party

So week 3 of project 365 is over, and on to week 4.  You can see what everyone else has been photographing over at The Boy and me.

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  1. Now I have a craving for carrot cake and a cup of tea! Must resist!! that climbing frame looks far too complex for my liking. I had to construct an exercise bike at the weekend and it was a nightmare! #Project365

    1. I got out the instructions for the climbing frame, then put them back when I realised I would have to pre-drill everything. Will have to leave it to my brother or OH.

    1. Always makes me hungry too. Not sure the dark room helped with the photos – was getting used to setting the shutter speed as well as aperture

  2. I struggle to find photo opps during term time – particularly my work days. Those cakes look like a good subject though 🙂 I must find an online course for my camera otherwise I’ll never use it too anywhere near its full potential.

    1. I know what you mean. I have a lot of sleeping son and lunch shots. I’ve just seen a course that looks quite good on Amazon Local, might be worth checking out?

    1. They are cute aren’t they. The Gruffalo is probably the only character clothing that N has or will have because I’m not a fan usually.

    1. I’m sure there’ll be a post on it. Although I’m a bit concerned that they’ve not included the extra bits I ordered, so must remember to get back to them on that!

    1. I rarely go into Druckers, but it was the nearest place to where I was and where the car was parked. Would like to try more of the cakes!

  3. I’m sure there are some lovely pictures there, but once I got to the one of the cakes, my brain switched off

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