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Project 365: photo a day week 40

Wahey, we’re at week 40 of Project 365 .  That ominously suggests there’s not long until Christmas and 2015, but let’s worry about this week first.  I’ve only included up to Friday because we’ve got a manic weekend before going away on Monday, so I shall include Saturday in next week.

Sunday we went to the National Herb Centre and had a lovely time walking some of the nature trail.  I say we, but N moaned about walking down the hill, and spent a lot of time sitting down.  It made for some great photos though!

sitting in a field National Herb Centre

Monday and after nursery we had a bit of time playing in the garden.  N decided to watch his dad hedge cutting in the field behind, until he thought it was more interesting to ‘crash’ his gator, so he could then pull it out again. Strange child.

fallen John Deere gator toy

N’s really been getting obsessed with his soft toys at the moment.  On Tuesday he decided it was time to put them all on our bed, and spent ages talking to them.  He tells me they’re his babies as well, and sticks them up his shirt. Where he’s got the pregnant tummy from I’m not sure (maybe from seeing other mums at nursery), but he’s told me that then the babies come from under his shirt and out of his bottom.  Hmm, we’ll humour him at the moment until he start asking questions.

playing with soft toys

Wednesday we had a lovely parcel from Blaze On with some ball fairy lights we’d chosen to review.  They’re meant to be for N’s room, but I’m wondering if I could get away with snaffling them.  Maybe not seeing how interested he was in them after opening them up.

Blaze on fairy lights

Thursday we didn’t get up to much, but I spotted almost a trail of leaves on the path as I walked to our other office.  Of course I needed to take a photo – Autumn’s definitely on its way, but I so frequently get caught snapping by colleagues who must think I’m a bit odd taking close up photos of flowers, leaves and whatever else I notice.

autumn leaves

Friday N had a dentist appointment.  He was great, opened his mouth willingly when asked (although wouldn’t ‘bite’ to check if his thumb sucking was pulling out his top teeth).  He then sat nicely while the dentist put some varnish on his teeth. After having tea, he then decided a spot of inpromptu guitar playing was needed.  I love that he just finds something to get on with, and he does love pretending to play.

rocking with a toy guitar

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  1. Love that photo of N sat down on the grass – and the perfect trail of leaves! I know what you mean about feeling strange taking photos of flowers and leaves – I know that my phone always takes ages to focus when I just want to snap and run!

    1. Glad it’s not just me. I find my phone’s ok, but it’s getting it out and organised in the first place that takes time. Oh and taking photos at odd angles.

  2. I love the autumn leaves pic – I sometimes whip out my phone at the end of the day at work to try and snap stuff, tend to do it when no one is around! Love the lights – I’d snaffle them if I were you 😉

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