wishing he could have the sheep in the window

Project 365 2015 – week 19

It’s Saturday again which means another week of Project 365.  It’s been a hard photo week.  The weather’s not really been nice enough to get outside after work and nursery, so I’ve struggled to remember to take photos after work, as well as not coming across anything interesting enough to photography during the working day.  So not particularly exciting photos for week 19.

Sunday the weather was mostly rubbish, so we didn’t get out and about.  We ate tea at the farm with the 2 eldest nephews as they were left home alone, being checked on by their Gran and Gramps.  Of course, by the end of the day, the blue sky had appeared.  Our apple trees are looking beautiful at the moment with all their blossom.

apple blossom on the tree

On Bank Holiday Monday we went to Sulgrave Manor’s May Day event.  We had a great time, and it was the best day of the weekend weatherwise.  The morris dancers showed off their moves, and N loved the music.

Oxfordshire Morris Dancers at sulgrave manor

Tuesday I was back at work and I didn’t manage many photos at all.  It was dark, wet and dreary which is never great for photos.  I spotted this snail on the window and it turned out as quite a nice silhouette photo.

snail silouette

Wednesday was just a normal work and nursery day.  I grabbed the camera while N was being a bit sleepy and being a bit snuggly.

tired little boy

Thursday was of course Election day.  I went to vote, but until I stood in the ballot box I hadn’t known who I’d vote for for the first time ever.  It wasn’t my happiest vote, this is the first time I’ve not been entirely sure.  And there’s certainly been a lot of nastiness on social media with people judging others on the votes they’ve made.  Here’s hoping the policies I don’t like, won’t get delivered as extreme as planned.

polling station sigh

Friday, was another nondescript day.  Again, I’d not taken any photos until the end of the day, when I noticed N sitting on the rarely used spare chair to watch YouTube videos.  He looks really tired here, probably not helped by him waking before 6am.

sitting playing on a tablet

Our plans for Saturday had been to go to a local village festival, but the weather was so up and down, really chilly and windy, with a bit of rain thrown in, that I decided against it.  Instead we just mooched at home, with a plan to make it out on Sunday instead.  I did need to nip to the shops, so we headed over to a small town where N gets his hair cut rather than heading to the supermarkets in Banbury.  N spotted this window display in a carpet shop and announced that he wanted not only a large sheep like this, but also the farmer, sheep and fences in the smaller display.  I’m sure he’s got enough farm models, so doesn’t need any more.

wishing he could have the sheep in the window

#365 is changing and is now a blog hop, so you’ll be able to find the hop across several anchor blogs and on any blogger who uses the code.

project 365 logo

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  1. Great photos – love the snail one! Pickle LOVES sheep, his absolute favourite! Kaz – Ickle Pickles Mummy x

  2. It was a pretty rubbish week for photos, wasn’t it? I found exactly the same. I love your photo of the blossom and the woolly sheep – I think I’d like him for my house too!

  3. Emma i am so loving that snail shot .. there is something quite eerie about it! .. its so sad isn’t it about the nastiness on social media around the election 🙁

    1. The sheep’s cute isn’t it. I’m not sure we’d want one in our house. The OH isn’t a sheep fan, but oddly N loves them.

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