project 365 week 32

Project 365: photo a day week 32

It’s week 32 of project 365 and I thought I’d missed a couple of days.  But turned out that I hadn’t – obviously a couple of photos snuck in there at the last minute.  Phew.

Before the rain arrived this weekend, it’s been lots more good weather, so plenty of outdoor play again.

project 365 week 32

Sunday we went to Warwick Castle.  N’s favourite thing was probably rowing the viking ship in the horrible histories section.

Monday saw N’s stripping off in the garden. Child naked on a trampoline isn’t what I’d particularly want to see, but N seems quite relaxed about roaming starkers.

Tuesday and N was climbing up next to the sink to ‘clean’ it, one of his favourite tasks..  He’s started climbing on the table and work surfaces.  No idea why.

Wednesday, N actually decided to help me water the tomato plant jungle.  Probably because I was filling the watering can from his paddling pool rainwater collection.

Thursday I took this photo of N pottering in the garden.  I can’t believe how slim he looks here.  I wouldn’t say he is a slim child, but he’s definitely growing up and losing what podge he had.  Today a staff member in M&S asked him if he was at school.  I wouldn’t say he’s particularly tall, so not sure what she was thinking, but maybe I’m too close and he does look older than I think?

Friday, N’s been getting out the phonics magnetic letters I bought him a while back.  He doesn’t want to learn the phonics or the letters, just fill in the wipe board with all the letters.  Oh, and pick out letters that are in his name.  He doesn’t know the sound of them, just what they look like.  It’s going to be a long slog with N and letters I think.

Saturday we spent the afternoon at Brailes Show.  We ambled, we watched and joined in the activities and just generally enjoyed being at the show.  N however, just wanted food all day.  It was ridiculous the amount he ate.  I agreed to a cake from the WI refreshments, and he carried it all the way out from the hall to somewhere to sit by the main arena to eat it.  He was so careful, it was like it was a ring on a cushion!

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  1. Great photos. It’s so nice to be able to spend so much time outdoors isn’t it.. I hope the lovely weather returns soon!

  2. Such a lovely selection of outdoor photos this week. I think it’s funny how much they love being naked when they are little, mine won’t even let me see them naked these days, so they soon grow out of that.

  3. I’ve always wanted to go to Warwick Castle, but it’s a fair old trek from us so think I’ll wait until he’s a bit older and will definitely get something out of it.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  4. my son use to run around starkers as well,he would strip off quicker than I could redress him, so I gave up.
    Nice to see him helping in the garden.
    I am sure he will learn his letters in time, if he recognises ones from his own name already that is good.

    1. He makes me laugh with his letters. He can sing the alphabet, but I don’t think he realises that’s what he’s singing, he isn’t fussed about Reading Eggs but then sometimes asks for it, and then just randomly goes and plays with the magnetic letters to make shapes. Hopefully it’ll all just click and once he’s at school he’ll be able to at least try and apply himself.

  5. Gotta love a naked trampolining child! I think it’s a great thing to see. As for the slimming down – I’ve noticed that with Austin recently, and it’s funny how it makes them look loads more mature all of a sudden…

    1. You’re right about looking more mature. I couldn’t believe it in M&S the other day at the checkout. The woman was asking him if he was at school or just tall. He’s not tall compared with others his age, but he does look a lot older all of a sudden. Thanks for stopping by

  6. Ooh I really need to take the kids to Warwick castle, I’ve heard it’s fab! My little Bugs loves to clean the sink too! It’s amazing how long it will keep him happy for 🙂

    1. It is great. Lots to do and see.

      They are funny with what they like to clean! I’m hoping he continues liking it, but not holding out much hope

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