feather on grass

Project 365 2015 week 26

This week’s Project 365 is half way. Whoop. My photo a day is going quite well, aided by nice weather, lots of getting outside after work and nursery, and pretty flowers (not in my garden, but in the in-laws).

Sunday was chance to spend some time in the garden. N had asked a few weeks ago when would the apples be growing. Then I looked up and saw they’re all coming on quite well.

apples starting to grow on the tree

There’s been some gorgeous sunsets this week – when I noticed them. This was taken on Tuesday night that the Northern Lights were meant to be quite strong. I didn’t see them, but the sky was amazing.

sunset over the farm

Wednesday meant yet another feather being brought home by N. He loves feathers and seems to spot them from miles away!

feather on grass

Thursday had N dragging his frog blanket everywherer, and of course that meant wearing it in the car on pick up.

dressed up in his frog blanket in the car

Friday we were going out for our monthly ‘pub club’ meal and a friend’s birthday. N was having a sleepover at his Gran and Gramp’s house with his cousins, so it was all about the packing before he went.

packing for a sleepover

Saturday we walked over the road to our neighbours for their 10th wedding anniversary, garden party. The weather was wonderful, and there were plenty of people there we knew and the food was lovely. I snapped this while N was waiting for the toilet. N loved the day there – there were lots of children invited too from school and nursery, so it was funny to see them altogether outside of the education setting.

just waiting against a wall

project 365

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  1. OH dear at the q for the loo, but glad it was a nice day apart from that.
    I have never had cousins to stay cos none of the cousins are old enough, look forward to having more than one lot at a time as they get older.
    A photograph never seems to do justice to a sunset but yours looks very pretty

    1. Thanks. I always find sunset photos generally work better on my phone, but now I can do manual, I stand better chance of getting ‘real’ colours.

  2. I love the frog blanket, the garden party sounds a lovely idea and so nice for the neighbours to be invited

  3. I got excited about the apples on our tree too. Our leaves are looking a bit ropey so think it needs treating

  4. Love the photo of N doing his packing. Your photo of the tiny apples has made me miss my old apple tree a bit – we had a really big one at our old house and I loved seeing it changing (although I used to curse all the rotting apples on the grass!).

    1. It looks like he’s packing the Gruffalo! Rotting apples are a pain. We’ve got 2 cooking apple and one eating apple tree. Hopefully we get as many as last year.

    1. The frog blanket is brilliant. It was a birthday present from an NCT friend a couple of years ago. Think it’s a turkey feather. We’ve been picking up quite a few recently.

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