on the promenade at Cromer

Project 365 2017 week 16 – Easter break

It’s week 16 of 2017’s Project 365, photo a day for a year.  This week included our Easter break – I was off work this week too.  So I took N away for a few days.

We had a nice break, although he wasn’t well – hot and cold, and had a headache, which keeps coming back.  So it’s certainly dragging on.  I’m just hoping after a relaxing weekend he’ll be ok to go back to school.

He’s still not read any of his 2 reading books that he was sent home with which I’m not impressed about, and it’s now not looking likely he will before Monday.  Very embarrassing and I’m not impressed because it reflects badly on me.  But there’s only so much I can ask him to read. I can’t actually make him do the reading.  Holidays are a pain for ongoing reading, because he sees it as a break, and missing a little bit of reading each day really does make him go backwards a bit until he gets back into reading again.

Anyway, back to Project 365.

On Sunday it was Easter. N turned up for lunch, after doing an easter egg hunt at his aunt’s, with 11 eggs!!! Ridiculous amount, but a week later he’s only eaten one. They could be hanging around for a while.  I made these rice crispie nests, but the chocolate melting didn’t work too well, so they were a bit of a bodge job.  They tasted fine though.

easter chocolate nests

On Monday, N and I went to Norfolk for a few days break.  We got quite excited to see the activities going on in the hotel…until we realised it was for school holidays only, and Norfolk’s schools had their holidays the 2 weeks before Easter, where ours were a week before and after. It works out well for us because places are quieter, but it does mean we miss out on all the Easter and family activities that are put on.

children's activities at Dunston Hall

On Tuesday it was mixed weather but we managed to visit a few different places. We wanted to have ice cream on the beach at Cromer, although typically it was high tide (it always seems to be wherever we go, and whenever!), but that didn’t put us off. Oh, and the rain and wind which made it a little cold.

on the promenade at Cromer

On Wednesday, we went to Dinosaur Adventure.  It was a great place to visit, and N was most taken with us finally finding a cow to milk…that did actually work. So far, we’ve been to 3 places with these cows and not one has worked.

milking the cow at Dinosaur Adventure

On Thursday we had to scale back our plans and pottered around a bit more. After a morning out, N wanted to go back to the hotel, but he decided that an open top bus tour round Norwich would be ok, so we did that along with an early tea.  There’s some pretty cool street art in Norwich.

dragon graffiti in Norwich

On Friday we headed home again.  I’m usually in a Fitbit weekday challenge where I always get thrashed. But this week being on holiday, it meant I was doing really well and leading right up to the last minute.  To try and get some extra steps in I went down to the yard to empty the bins and recycling – of course, despite the bins being nearly full when we left, the OH hadn’t done them (or emptied the dishwasher that I’d put on before leaving, and hadn’t done his washing either).  The cats have been moved out of their box which has been tidied up, but I spotted this one running from me…and then from one of the collies which followed me and tried to chase the cat off.

hiding cat

On Saturday I didn’t get much done.  A food shop, then back home to find that N’s headache had returned. He had a long sleep after lunch, and wasn’t feeling well enough to go to the party he’d been invited to.  It’s also meant I wasn’t able to go to Oxford to pick up my camera which has been fixed.  I’m just hoping N’s well enough to go on the farm tomorrow because I really want to pick my camera up and get to Blenheim Palace for the final day of an exhibition there.  I thought it was open til May, but seemingly not which is annoying.  I’m not sure I’ll get there now.  I spotted these gorgeous lilies in the supermarket.

pink and green lilies

Project 365 logo

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  1. that’s a shame they left the activities board up after the holidays, i’ve been away now on and off for 4 weeks, i bet my husband hasn’t washed the dog or his bedding since i’ve been away

  2. I have a fridge full of chocolate too and I haven’t bought any of it. All gifts or blogging related. Love the dragon street art – very cool.

  3. It’s the last day of the holidays and The Boy has just ‘found’ a huge pile of homework he was given to revise for his SATS so they’re going to go well :/ Lovely photos, especially the lillies 🙂

  4. I hope N feels better soon! It’s not nice when they can’t shake these illnesses off. At least you managed to have some fun while you were away. I’m sure if I left my husband for a few days no washing would get done! Although he’s pretty good with the dishwasher and bins.

  5. Nice to get away, though annoying when those you leave at home just leave a mess behind them.
    Home work during holidays should not be allowed. It does not reflect badly on you at all.
    Love the street art.

  6. You have just reminded me that my youngest was supposed to be reading during the holidays too….We haven’t. Oops.
    It sounds like you had a lovely break away. I hope your boy feels better soon x

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