relaxed riding his John Deere Gator

Project 365 2015 week 20

It’s week 20 of Project 365, photo a day, and it’s been a mixed week.  We’ve had a bit more outdoor play (although it always seems to be on only a couple of days that I have masses of photos to choose from), but some work days were hard to find a photograph.

On Sunday N and I went to Badbury Hill to see the bluebells.  I’m still to write up my post about it.  On the way home we stopped in Burford to watch the ducks, have a bit of a walk round and have lunch in Huffkins.  Before learning we couldn’t leave before buying some lardy cake for the OH and N, while I decided on this gorgeous morsel of chocolate eclair (ok, it wasn’t really a morsel!).

Huffkins chocolate eclair

Monday was a lovely (cold but) bright evening, and N wanted to go on the swing down near the yard.  He still doesn’t get how to make himself swing on it, so I’m needed.  I love that this photo has his swinging shadow as well.

swing under the tree

This week has been a lot about money.  On Tuesday, N was given 20p his Granny found so he had to put it in his bank pot.  But that’s now led to money all over the house as he’s removed it from the money pot, and his purse.  I wish he’d just learn to count it and then put it back where it’s kept.

Counting money

N’s been taking various farm toys into nursery this week.  Wednesday was the turn of the telehandler, and he used it to move all the items I’m trying to sell that are lying in piles in the living room.  Must make more effort to get rid because the aim was to declutter.

piling up the farm vehicle toys

N loves watching and ‘doing’ hair, so Thursday I was told he was going to brush my hair.  It gets really tangly, so he’s been learning how to hold the hair and brush the tangles below the hand. The OH’s jealous because he loves head massages, I hate them, but N doesn’t offer to brush his short hair.

preschooler role playing a hairdresser

Friday was an early finish at work and nursery, and we didn’t have any plans because the OH and I were going out for a meal with friends.  N was pleased that finally his battery for his John Deere gator had been charged.  He then spent an hour or so whizzing round on it…so much so that it needs charging again already. Oops.

relaxed riding his John Deere Gator

On Friday/Saturday night, we went out, so N went for a sleepover at Granny and Gramps’ house with 2 of his cousins.  He loves sleeping over there, and in the morning he wanted to spend some of the money he’d had floating around the house from earlier in the week.  He wanted to pick Granny some flowers, but I suggested he bought her a flower with some of his money instead.  So we duly went to the flower stall in town, and he chose a sunflower.  The OH thought I was tight because I’d not bought a bunch for him, but the point of it was for him to spend some of his money and buy something he’d chosen.  I proposed a few freeshias which wouldn’t have been much more than the one sunflower, but he’d made up his mind.  He walked proudly through town, humming away, and ran straight over to hand it over to Granny as soon as we got home.  I’m starting him now on the flower buying and giving habit!

buying his first flowers

project 365 logo

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  1. That eclair looks utterly divine! For some reason the rest of the photos won’t show up – I reckon it is just to tempt me with that cake 😉 (more likely my computer playing up though!).

  2. sorry did you write anything else after the picture of the cake?????? what a lovely idea re the flowers and I’d love to receive even a wild hand picked flower, but the sun flower is beautiful

  3. Love the picture of him whizzing round on his little tractor and the shadow on the tree. Totally with you on the hair thing – I can’t bear my daughter fiddling with mine, but my husband would happily let her mess with his all day!

  4. I love that he bought the flower with his own money 🙂 That éclair looks amazing and I absolutely love the swing shot. The photo on the Gator is great too, how relaxed does N look!

  5. Love the idea of flower buying, we started the idea of pocket money for helping and having to save and spend his own money recently here. The gator shot is fab, Monkey would love that and N’s telehandler #365

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