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Music Exploration 14 – Easy listening and folk

I knew something had slipped my mind the last couple of days.  Yes, my Music Exploration with children post and linky.  I had it in my diary, but other things cropped, up so we’re a couple of days late.

This month we’ve had a lot of musical things, listening, dancing and playing.  Here’s the snapshot for the last month where we:


The piano.  I’m planning a full post on this but we finally (after about 12 years) have my piano in our house.  The OH’s refused to have it here for years, but my mum’s house has sold (assuming it all goes through), so the piano was moved.  And it’s still here and not chopped up for firewood.

N is loving having it here, although he doesn’t seem to like me playing it.  I can only play it under his conditions and timings.  I’ll have to work on that one.

playing the piano

Listened and watched

The morris dancers and their musicians at Sulgrave Manor’s May Day celebrations.  N was quite taken with the music and dancing, as were the other children we were sitting with, but I can’t say the parents were that excited about that style of music.

morris dance english folk musicians


To easy listening via an Andy Williams compilation CS in the car.  I quite like a bit of an Andy Williams sing along, but it didn’t go down well with N.  I think we need to start playing more CDs  or my ipod in the car, because N never gets to know any songs because listening to the radio means he only get to hear tracks once or maybe twice so they don’t sink in.


At nursery.  I have no idea what he’s been dancing to, or how.  But I do get worried when people at nursery mention N’s been dancing and doing some interesting moves.  His dad teaches him inappropriate moves after his bath, so I’m just hoping that N doesn’t do them when he hasn’t got a prompt from his dad!

If you’ve been enjoying music with your children, then do come and link up your post.  Anything music and kids oriented goes.

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  1. I’m so jealous that you have a piano – our little one would love that! I love this idea of chronicling what music your son is getting involved with as I think it is so important and not to mention adorable watching them bust their own dance moves.

  2. Oh this sounds a great post idea!!! I actually have a music blog at school so if I do anything in particular, I will try to link up to share ideas,if that is ok? I will also try to visit to gain a few ideas!x

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