Spring sunset

Project 365 2015 week 13

We’re into week 13 of Project 365, and there’s been a good few sunsets this week, a lot of biking (in the house and out), and outdoor play.  Spring’s definitely on its way.

Sunday was a pretty spectacular sunset in particular. The sky just looked so stripy purple and pink.

Spring sunset

This week N’s been riding his bikes a lot and Monday that included in the house.  He’s been getting on the pedal bike more too – I think because he’s been riding the bike they have there (with stabilisers – argghh!). Nursery told me all proud that he was doing really well riding it.  Well of course, he’s been able to pedal things for ages, and is brilliant on his balance bike.  I hate him using stabilisers (it leans like mad), but if it gets him pedalling hard enough and fast enough for him to try his proper bike, then maybe on occasion it’s ok.  N does seem quite receptive to trying the pedal bike although he does keep saying he can’t do it, but hopefully if he can pedal hard enough while I’m holding the saddle, we might be able to get him starting off soon.

bike riding inside

Tuesday was another evening playing outside.  This time the gator was being used to transport climbing frame wood, and because it had rained, he wanted a tea towel to dry it off.  He looks really shifty here, but I did give him the towel!

drying off his John Deere Gator

Wednesday was when our Smoothiepack station turned up for review.  N’s always up for a smoothie, so he’d unpacked it, and had things out to make a smoothie straight away.

Trying out the smoothpack

Thursday was really chilly and windy, but we decided to get out with the kite.  It’s only a pocket kite, but on holiday we didn’t have enough wind to fly it.  But there was plenty on Thursday, more than enough.  So much that it was really too strong for N to hold it.

Flying a pocket kite

I am despairing a bit at the moment with N’s untidiness.  He’s not good at tidying up, whether inside or out, and this is what the patio (under the trampoline) was looking like on Friday.  I’m thinking I’m going to have to give him the broom in the hope that he’ll sweep it all back onto the gravel area.  But it’s driving me insane that he won’t just keep the gravel where it should be kept.

gravel piles

Saturday I had my first hair cut since December, and I was very relieved.  I’d moved from my old hairdresser (of 14 years) back in the summer to another salon which was fine. Then it shut, so I went to my new hairdresser at her house.  But it was a house share in the worst area in town, and really wasn’t my cup of tea, so it was a nightmare trying to decide on where else to go.  A salon I was debating then shut, and then was recommended somewhere.  I was surprised that only 2 days after going in to ask, they had an appointment, but it was great.  A nice salon, the new hairdresser was lovely, and it turned out really well.  This is the wind swept (and a little rained on) look.  Hopefully it’ll still look similar once I’ve washed and styled it.

new hair cut

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  1. Sounds like a nightmare finding a new hairdresser, but glad you found one in the end. Wish I could say that kids get tidier as they get older, but I’ve yet to see mine get tidy!
    Hope N can manage to ride his bike – my daughter was riding hers just before she was 5.

  2. Hee hee, I love the ‘shifty’ face! And as for tidiness, or untidiness, I’m the same…it drives me potty! Those pocket kites are really good on a windy day, we have one and it works better sometimes than our big stunt kite, let’s hope for some sunnier, and windy, days soon 🙂

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