brain factor age 4-5 fan
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Learning by quiz with Brain Factor

I’m all for getting N to do learn, although he’s not that keen on sitting down for a length of time and focused learning.  Anything that’s in bitesize fun pieces works much better, especially if they grow with him.

We were asked to review Brain Factor which are like quiz books based on age.  I thought these looked brilliant because of their size and opportunity to use them anywhere.

brain factor age 4-5 fan

The fans are age specific, coming in 3-4, 4-5, 5-6, 6-7.  Each fan includes questions (1-3 on each card) and then the answers on the card behind.  Because they’re in connected in a fan shape, it means you don’t lose any of the cards.  Always handy if you’ve got a child like N who likes to wander off and leave playing cards or sets all over the place.

I chose age 4-5 but thought N might struggle with him being at the lower age range.  Actually he surprised me with being able to follow the questions I read out to him, and could answer a lot correctly (at least on the earlier pages).

Brain Factor age 4-5 fan

The questions are a mix, I think of them as being like verbal and visual reasoning tests you get at interviews.  They include:

  • number and pattern games
  • mixed up stories and memory games
  • letter and blended sound recognition, and
  • general knowledge.

As a lover of quizes myself, I love the idea of these, and how versatile they are.  N has been happy just picking the pack up whenever he fancies it, to have a look at the pictures and do some questions.  He obviously can’t read yet, but he’ll ask me to help him, and then he can get on with the answering.

I think the fans are just the right size for taking out and about.  They’re compact enough to fit easily in a bag, so good if you need to keep children entertained at restaurants, in the car (once they can read themselves if you’re not sitting next to them) or on holiday.

With from 130+ to 250+ questions depending on the age pack, there’s plenty for children to be working through.  Plus they’ve been reviewed by teachers, so you can be sure that the questions are suitable for the age range stated.

You can buy Brain Factor sets from Amazon (affiliate link), Waterstones or Blackwells



Disclosure: We were sent a Brain Factor book for the purpose of review. All opinions and words are my own.

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  1. These look great – I think that D would really like one of these, even more so now that he wants to read EVERYTHING.

  2. These look very cool, I love little learning aids that you can take out and about with you and then just bring out hen you are waiting for an appointment or such. Mich x

  3. Ooh I really like the look of these, off to have proper look at them now. They’d make great birthday pressies for kids in Bugs’ class x

  4. This looks ace! I think LP is very near to the stage where she’ll enjoy things like this, I’ll have to keep a look out for them x

    1. They’ve got age 3-4, not sure what the difference in questions are. I like the fact they’re really bitesize, and they don’t have to slog through them.

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