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Project 366 2016 week 49 – festive photos

With only a week to go until Christmas, we’re finally getting festive and counting down our Project 366.

On Sunday I went to St Albans to meet with a couple of my old school friends. We try and meet up pre Christmas each year, and this time was without the kids, meaning we could do shopping. We went to the Christmas market – it wasn’t the best I’ve seen but it was lovely to see them. Despite me feeling rough with a cold.

dried citrus wreaths at St Albans christmas market

On Monday I finished N’s nativity play costume which was due to be taken in to school by the end of the week ready for the dress rehearsal.  So far, N’s refused to try it on. Which is a bit of a problem – I have no idea if the trousers fit and he’s going to have to learn how to put on the ribbon ‘straps’.

morris dancing shepherd costume

On Tuesday, I was still suffering with my cold.  Turned out the Co-op in town didn’t have any cough sweets in (and hadn’t had any delivered for ages – nothing like good forecasting for cough and cold season!). So that meant fruit pastilles in the hope of soothing my throat.  It’s always good when you’ve eaten the only yellow and green and have the colours you like left.

fruit pastilles favourites

N had come home from school on Tuesday with a headache as well as his sore throat and cough, so he had Wednesday off.  We were lucky to get the last appointment slot left and were told the virus had morphed into tonsillitis. So he’s on horrible orange medicine and is missing so much stuff over the week.

poorly boy

On Thursday N was still off school.  At least his temperature was back to normal and he did do some things other than watch tv or youtube. My attempt to get him to finish his Christmas card writing ended at 1 card (5 to go). But at least he’s written some, unlike me!

writing christmas cards

Being ill makes me hungry. All I’ve done all week is eat.  Well, they say you should feed a cold.  On Friday I had to have macaroni cheese – trying to healthy it up with some sugar snap peas.

M&S macaroni cheese and sugar snap peas

N’s been asking for ages to put up our tree.  I’d originally said we could do it on Friday but we didn’t have time, so we rushed through it on Saturday before we headed out to a concert.  N still needs some training about order of putting decorations on, spacing, and best vs worst baubles, but it was lovely to see him enjoying doing it with me.

decorating the christmas tree

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  1. aahhhhh the child decorated Christmas tree.. never right, never balanced, lights buried behind tinsel etc…..adds to the spirit of the season,…….and plays havoc with my itching to right the wrong – but I never did.
    What a shame he is missing out on the fun stuff at school. My cards are not started yet either.
    I do not like the yellow and purples, and just eat the rest, amazing how more than half a packet is often made up of those two colours.

    1. Yes, the colours usually go against you, but this time was spot on for me.

      He’s been telling me he’s not well enough to go back tomorrow but he is! Little tike

  2. Sorry to hear you’ve both been ill this week and hope you’re both on the mend soon. I always get hungry when I’ve got a cold and I always want something with cheese – pasta, jacket potato, pizza… As long as it’s got cheese, it’s OK!
    Glad you got to meet up with your friends before N got poorly.

    1. It’s now pretty much in annoying tickly cough phase. Need to get rid so I can get dancing, as missed this week.

      Yep, carbs and cheese (and chocolate!)

  3. Thanks, yes he seems a lot better now. A bit moany and getting more tired than normal but otherwise ok. And very chatty – making up for not being able to most of the week. TCP mouthwashes for you adults asap. It’s not nice!

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