Cracking top 10 christmas songs - Bubbablue and me

My cracking top 10 Christmas songs

I love a good Christmas song, although Christmas carols are up there as well. I seem to have passed on my love of Christmas songs and music to N who discovered my Christmas compilation* album and has wandered off with the 3 CDs. I anticipate having to buy another set this year (again!) to replace it.

Some might say Christmas songs are cheesy – maybe they are. But just listening to them makes me think of family memories from childhood, school discos, and just generally the onslaught of happiness around Christmas. We’ve not always had the cheeriest of Christmasses, with people not being with us any longer, but generally they’re happy occasions and a chance to remember the important things in life…family and friends.

Cracking top 10 christmas songs - Bubbablue and me

My top 10 Christmas songs

1. All I want for Christmas – Mariah Carey

Because who doesn’t love to sing along and think they could be Mariah Carey. Although the version on Love Actually would do me just as well.

2. Merry Christmas everyone – Shakin’ Stevens

I love this song. I remember back to watching Top of the Pops when I was young, seeing Shakin Stevens doing his dancing and finger clicking, all the while wearing a hideous Christmas jumper. And it’s great for singing along to.

3. Fairytale in New York – The Pogues

This was played at a 40th birthday party this weekend in memory of a friend who died a while back. It’s a great track even now, despite it not being all glossy like most music we hear nowadays. Ok, so the lyrics don’t portray a pleasant relationship, but it’s a song that’s stood the test of time, it’s instantly recognisable. It does mean Christmas is on its way when you hear it on the radio.

4. Driving Home for Christmas – Chris Rea

This song seems so chilled and relaxed. It’s sung as you feel having packed up work for the holidays and driving home. Perfect laidback listening.

5. Do they know it’s Christmas – Band Aid and the other later versions

This song did its job, telling people to think about others less fortunate, and hearing it today reminds you of that fact now, because there’s still people in the world suffering and needing help and support. I still enjoy picking out the singers, and I’m sure everyone has a line they’d have wanted to sing themselves.

6. Peace on Earth/Little Drummer boy – Bowie/Bing Crosby

I really like the combination of these 2 songs. Peace on Earth is more like a carol, and I like the beat of the drum in Little Drummer Boy. Great for toddlers to play along to!

7. Mistletoe and Wine – Cliff Richard

You can’t have a Christmas song list without a Cliff song on it. I like some of his other songs too (my music reputation has now plummeted!), but Mistletoe and Wine was released the year I started secondary school, and that first Christmas disco. I remember everyone piling upstairs to watch Neighbours on a tv in a classroom (how bizarre is that?) then when we all emerged, my friend had won the dance competition and was given this single as her prize. I’m not sure now writing it, if it really happened, but it’s so odd it must have done.

8. Mary’s Boy Child – Boney M

Another singalong classic.  Who wouldn’t be able to relax listening to this song.

9. Christmas Lights – Coldplay

A bit of class and less of the sleigh bells. This was a bit of a departure, and my brother would tell me off for including Coldplay in any music list, but this was bringing back a bit of old style Christmas song, rather than the protest version that we’d had so many of over the last few years.

10. Show me the Magic – Jamie Cullum

I heard this played on Radio 2 and it’s going back to the traditional Christmas pop song. I think it’s a classic.

N doesn’t necessarily include any of my list on his favourite Christmas song list.  Instead he’s obsessed with Elvis’ Blue Christmas and John Lennon/Yojo Ono’s War Is Over because they’re the first 2 tracks on the Christmas compilation album we have. (These wouldn’t get anywhere near my favourites list)

Do you like Christmas songs? What would you add to your favourite Christmas songs list?

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  1. I totally love listening to Christmas songs. They make me happy and at peace. I feel like I am closer to Jesus. Thanks for sharing this wonderful list of Christmas songs. Which is your favorite among the list you provided here in your blog?

  2. I totally love christmas songs! It reminds me how great our Lord is. Whenever I listen to christmas songs, it always make me smile and feel at peace. Your post brings back happy memories during christmas season. Singing and appreciating every word in the lyrics which makes you thankful of christmas holiday. Do you have christmas songs that makes you thankful for?

  3. I actually love Christmas songs! Which is strange for a Scrooge like me. They just make me happy. It’s the only time of year when I feel confident to sing out loud. My very favourite is Fairytale of New York, but there’s so many others I love. I love Slade and Merry Christmas (War is Over). I’m not a fan of Mariah Carey (controversial I know!).

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