christmas edition would you rather

Would you rather? Christmas edition

Inspired by Life with KTKinnes prompt, I decided I’d do a ‘Would you rather’ for Christmas and Blogmas. Hopefully you’ll find a bit more about me and our relatively strange Christmases on the farm.

Turkey Christmas dinner or something else?

Always turkey for Christmas lunch. As children my mum tended to do beef or occasionally chicken, but she was never really a turkey fan (plus it was often only the 3 of us). But on the farm, it’s alway turkey. Even this year with only 3 of us. I’ll be palming off a plate of Christmas dinner for my brother for leftovers, and I don’t know if we’ll be sharing the turkey with the inlaws. But there’ll certainly be plenty of leftovers. Usually we have one off the farm, but this year my brother in law didn’t keep any so I had to order one from a local farm shop.

White Christmas without family being able to visit or no snow Christmas with family?

Definitely no snow with family. We’ve only had snow once that I remember, that fell on Christmas eve. My mum and brother nearly didn’t make it over to us as we’re in the sticks and the roads don’t get gritted. But they made it in the end and luckily it didn’t last. Snow is a pain on the farm as well, because they need to check all the water troughs aren’t frozen, and can sometimes waste working time having to pull cars out of hedges/verges.

christmas edition would you rather

Christmas dinner at home or at a restaurant?

At home. I’ve never had Christmas at a restaurant or hotel. It always feels a bit weird as it wouldn’t have all the traditional things. So I’m not sure I’d ever try it.

Cook the Christmas dinner or clean it up/do the dishes?

I’d rather clear the table, load the dishwasher and wash the rest. Just getting all the timings right and making sure the turkey is cooked ok is a lot of pressure. If we’re at home, I tend to do both anyway.

Would you rather be a kid or a grown up during the holidays?

Probably a child. It’s nice to see Christmas through N’s eyes, especially as on the farm it’s still a working day.

Would you rather give up one family tradition or start a new one?

It would depend which tradition I was giving up as we don’t really have many – just Christmas eve meal and big family tea at one of the houses (usually), but there’s plenty I’d like to start. The OH isn’t a big christmassy person, so I doubt I’d get away withmuch else other than what we already do.

Playing games at Christmas or watching tv?

Games all the way. We used to as children, and when we’re at family houses, we’ll take games with us. But at home, it’s just N and myself who’ll play. The OH doesn’t do games unfortunately.  I’d be happy to watch a couple of Christmas specials like Strictly or Call the Midwife, but we don’t have the tv on til fairly late if we’re out for tea like usual.

Roses or Quality Street tins?

No preference really, although I should say Roses because I used to work at Cadbury. 

Would you rather eat holiday food every day or never again?

Every day.  I’m one of those people who will eat turkey dinner at every Christmas lunch/do I go to if it’s on the menu. But it would get a bit boring.

Would you rather wear a Santa outfit or an elf outfit?

Santa, it would cover everything!

Watch cheesy Christmas movies or listen to Christmas songs for a day?

I love cheesy Christmas movies, so I’d be quite happy watching those for the whole of the Christmas holidays. I do love Christmas songs too though.

Ugly Chirstmas jumpers or wearing sparkles all Christmas season?

Sparkles. I’m not really a fan of christmas jumpers, unless they’re subtle and tasteful. Although I don’t tend to wear either unless I’m going out dancing so I’d wear sparkles.

Christmas song choice – The Pogues Fairytale in New York or Slade’s Merry Christmas Everybody?

The Pogues. I’m not really a fan of Merry Christmas Everybody. Hearing it once all holiday season is enough.

Would you rather give up Christmas trees or Christmas cookies?

Christmas cookies. They’re a lot of effort and my decorating skills aren’t the best, plus there are other things to eat. But Christmas trees are so pretty.

Would you rather be an elf in Santa’s workshop or a reindeer on Santa’s sleigh?

Elf in the workshop. At least it would be warm in there, although harder work for more than one night.

Would you rather know what all your gifts are or be surprised by all your gifts?

Hmm, I do like surprises, but I’m quite fussy so if I knew beforehand I could be confident in getting things I like or need. Although it doesn’t always work like that, because if I give a list I’ve done my research and don’t want people going off piste. That’s when I get disappointed. In those cases I’d rather get a surprise.

Picking Christmas trees or picking pumpkins?

I don’t do either. We’ve picked pumpkins in the past but Halloween isn’t a big thing in our house. We have an artificial Christmas tree, but I’d rather pick Christmas trees.

Christmas cake or Yule Log?

Yule log. I don’t like fruit cake so christmas cake, mince pies, and Christmas pudding are all out for me.

Would you rather have holiday decorations up all year or never be able to put them up again?

All year round. The OH would have a fit though!

Would you rather volunteer to wrap presents or shop for presents?

Wrap presents. I do like buying presents, and I’m quite good at coming up with ideas for friends looking for ideas, but I love wrapping presents more. I used to wrap my mother in law’s for her. I like to see what everyone’s getting.

Strict colour scheme or multicoloured garish decorations?

Definitely strict. N is allowed to put his old nursery and school made decorations at the back of the tree. I’ve had purple and silver for years, and now trying to add in teal blue/green as well.

Would you rather never listen to holiday music again or have to listen to your least favorite holiday song 10 times every single day (but after that you can listen to whatever you want)?

Listen to the least favourite song 10 times. Short term pain for long term gain.

Would you rather get a useful gift or a fun gift?

Hard one but probably a useful gift especially if I needed a replacement for something. As long as it’s not boring as well.

What are your favourite things about the Christmas season? Would your answers be different?

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    1. Thanks. We have a bit of a strange Christmas and it’s so different to what I would have imagined big families have compared to our small one when growing up.

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