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Project 365 2015 week 15 – a few flowers

We’re into week 15 of Project 365, and this week’s been a bit light on choice of photos really.  Usually N and I would get outside in the garden after work and nursery, but this last week he’s been going out on the farm with his dad after nursery.  Good for him, but annoying that I don’t get to spend as much time with him, and miss out on photo taking opportunities.

Here’s this week’s photos:

Sunday I decided to take some photos of the flowers I was sent from Serenata Flowers. I love gerberas, and this pale pink one was like an ethereal fairy in photos (we have a really light kitchen when the sun shines in).

pink gerbera

Monday was a beautiful day and I took N to Blenheim Palace for their Easter event.  We were going for the Peter Rabbit storytime, and N was very excited to see Peter Rabbit.  He didn’t want to meet him though.

Peter Rabbit storytime at Blenheim Palace

Tuesday I picked up my crochet again for the first time in a while.  I’m not getting much done, but every little helps.  I always think it gets harder the bigger it is, and the blanket is already massive and aiming for a kingsize bed size.

Crochet a long 2015 sophie's universe

Wednesday and I got out to take some photos of the daffodils on the farm.  At this time of year we have lots.  Around the trees, along the hedge, and dividing our lawn and the farm’s.  I thought these ones looked a bit like soldiers all lining up, mostly facing the same way, and holding their line.

daffodils in a line

Thursday morning before nursery N had me in hysterics.  He was playing with his Peppa Pig Jumbo Jet and copying one of his favourite YouTube videos (one that I hate) which unboxes, then makes up a story using the toy and playdoh.

playing with Peppa Pig jumbo jet

Friday we arrived home from nursery to find some outdoor toys we’d been asked to review had arrived.  Amusingly, N immediately pulled the croquet set to pieces, and has started using the trolley as a Tesco delivery trolley.  He insisted on bringing it to our nearest village shop, leaving it outside, but then using it to carry some shopping back to the car. Nothing like a 4 year old’s imagination!

pushing his tesco delivery

Saturday was a disappointment weatherwise.  After being at work and nursery for all the nice weather, I’d thought from the forecast that it would be dry until 7pm ish.  Or not, as we got caught in rain after going out at 8am!  It did end up brightening up towards mid afternoon but still very chilly.  N had his hair cut, and I grabbed this photo of him standing on the sofa arm.  He was trying to test how high he’d have to stand to be as tall as me.  I love this t shirt on him as well – it’s a Gap one, and he seems to love the long sleeve t shirts he has from there.  It helps it has guitars on.

standing as tall as mummy

I’m linking up as usual to the linky at The Boy and Me, if you want to see what others have been photographing.

TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky

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  1. Oh gosh your blanket looks intricate with the cross over patterns and crossover chains. It’s a long time since I attempted something like that.
    Daffodils always look spring like and jolly. I go past lots on the drive to work but there’s nowhere to stop safely to nip out and take a photo. 🙁

    1. I wouldn’t have been able to do the blanket patterns without the really detailed instructions and the photos. Nice to see it getting bigger, although I’ve not picked it up again since.
      I’m always spotting places I want to photograph. There’s a gorgeous house that I remember from my childhood, on a short cut from work, but I need to go for a work there one lunch time to take the photo.

    1. It’s been a challenge – the hardest pattern I’ve ever done. I’m only on part 7 of 20 (I’m a bit behind, but I’m sure it’s going to end up bigger than expected).
      Peter was pretty big, but N didn’t mind. At least he didn’t drag me off like he did when he saw The Gruffalo a couple of years ago

  2. I love your photographs! I always wanted to crochet, I haven’t got a clue how to do it lol. I was asked just yesterday what I liked about spring and the first thing I said was daffodils. Your son is adorable, such a cutie and that rabbit is huge!

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