snoozing st bernard dog

Project 365 2017 week 45

Only a few days late with this Project 365 and week 45.  Sometimes there’s just too much going on at weekends to get these things done.  Not helped by my brother always turning up for a chat as I’m about to sit down and relax or do specific tasks.  It’s lovely to talk to him and see him, but sometimes his timing is rubbish.

Here’s this week’s photos.

On Sunday after tea, the OH turned on the tv and caught the Grease afternoon. Now usually my OH watches westerns (the bad ones with John Wayne rather than the more modern ones that I don’t mind), war movies (dull, very samey) and action movies (at least with Jason Statham films there’s a fine looking man to watch, but Steven Seagal movies. Wooden).  He’s not the type I’d expect to watch musicals, but obviously Grease is acceptable to him (as his Mamma Mia, which he’ll watch even if I’m not in).

N wasn’t fussed about Grease until right at the end when he decided he was getting up to dance along. Let’s just say his dance style is wild and makes me feel tired watching. He might need a few tips.

dancing to Grease film

On Monday my new dance shoes arrived. It’s really hard to come by west coast swing shoes that don’t hurt over the toes, are the right size and come in more than the usual 4 or so colours.  So I was pleased to find these at a bargain price. However, apart from them being miles too short (the measurement chart was obviously a little off), the shank/underneath has no give in it at all. They might sell them as dance shoes but there’s no way you could dance in them (and I’m sure even street shoes have more bend than these did).  Not very impressed and they’re not being easy about returns either given they’re selling something that isn’t fit for purpose.

animal print dance shoes

On Tuesday I nipped to the supermarket at lunch time and spotted this gorgeous dog at the entrance. Usually there’s a cat roaming around but I’ve not seen that for a while. This dog didn’t look too pleased to have to hang around.

snoozing st bernard dog

On Wednesday it was a quick nip out at lunchtime. It was a beautiful day  – we’re really getting into proper autumn weather now.

blue sky and buildings

On Thursday I took N to the doctor to check out his cough.  He’s had an on and off cough for 4 weeks, and before that had a similar time of throat clearing. The OH kept going on about him having a chest infection, but the doctor did a thorough check and he’s not got one. Just a persistent cough probably from a cold. N wasn’t looking very happy afterwards, although he did get a sticker.

pouting child

On Friday I grabbed this gorgeous sunset photo as we left for tennis.  This week I managed to get to the supermarket for a few bits rather than waiting in the car for him, but forgot to get diesel so then had to go back and get that after picking him up.  It’s not the same as being able to sit and watch and natter with the other mums now.

tree at sunset

On Sunday I’d picked up some Christmas cards for N. Last year he wanted to send what seemed like everyone cards, but this year he’s stopped at those in his class and the teachers.  So sorry to everyone else, but he’s hit his limit. He set up a writing station and he was done in 2 days!  Very impressive compared with me. I’ve done nothing, I’ve not even checked if I’ve got any Christmas cards to write for people.

christmas card writing station
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