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School days – Rememberance Day

This week’s been quiet school wise.  Just the usual stuff going on (or not in the case of N’s spellings, with his worst mark ever I think).  I’m not sure next week’s will be much better given he’s been sporadic about practising them.


This week it was just year 2s swimming instead of years 2-4. N loves that because he gets to move up a group and be with good swimmers and his Saturday teacher.

Maths confidence

N makes me laugh. He’s gone from not being confident with his work in younger years, to now being almost over confident.  This week he stated that ‘if VIP was given for maths, then I would have got it, or C would have done’. As long as he’s still working at it and doing well, I’m happy.

This week it was telling the time, although he does still get mixed up with ‘to’ and ‘past’ sometimes.

writing on the floor

Ben 10

N wasn’t impressed this week when a Ben 10 book was sent home for a reading book. Thankfully he had another choice to read. But looking at book bands and the different reading levels, it looks like this was a level 8 book along with another he came home with later, so hopefully this is now a move up to the next level.

Rememberance day

As with every year, school were selling poppies, wristbands and slapbands. N is obsessed with the slapbands and even took his own money in to buy one. As they sold really quickly, he ended up with a pink one, but he’s not worried about that.

They were making poppies in art this week too, and N came home and made his own version here too.


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