an ode to bootcut jeans - Bubbablue and me

An ode to bootcut jeans

I love a pair of jeans. Outside of work that’s all I wear apart from the occasional shorts for summer holidays, or dress if it’s a party or smart do.  But every time I go to buy jeans I struggle.  And it’s not just me, it’s everyone it seems (girls anyway) whether they’re fat, thin, average sized.  My favourite style is bootcut, but I’m mourning the death of bootcut jeans.

Why, why, why are they so hard to come by?

an ode to bootcut jeans - Bubbablue and me

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Ok, so the whole world and his wife are now wearing skinny jeans, but they’re not good for everyone. Bootcut on the other hand suit everyone.

Yes, the bootcut jean may no longer be the fashion icon it once was, but they should still be easy to get hold of for those of us without skinny calves (or thighs).

For us pear shape types (because flare jeans are just as hard to come by and are a bit too flare-y).

Bootcut jeans fit over boots.  I don’t want to wear half-mast ankle length trousers unless it’s summer and I’m wearing flip flops or ballet pumps. With boots in autumn to spring, trousers should be a good length.   Especially for those of us who get a puffy ankle (because I only get one puffy one, not two, so I certainly want them covered).

There’s a reason bootcut jeans have been around for years. They’re a classic fit. They can be dressed up and down.  They give the hint of a leg rather than encasing them like sausages.  They make your legs look longer and your body look better balanced.

Both men and women can wear them, and they’re flattering for both.

They’re more comfortable to wear than skinny jeans, and when you walk you don’t find the tightness round your legs pulling down the waist and hips so you have an MC Hammer look going on.

Nowadays most I can find aren’t that bootcut (M&S* I’m looking at you, with your bootcut I found in my size, which are more like a straight or skinny cut on my calves).

Even my go to shops for jeans in the past, seem to have dumped bootcut jeans by the wayside. Sainsbury’s is all about jeggings and boyfriend.  M&S don’t sell bootcut in stores (although the signs still seem to be up), only online.  But they’re always sold out.  I have spotted some black ‘party’ ones this season but no indigo ones.  Surely a style being sold out indicates however unfashionable, the customers still want to buy them?

I finally found some in Debenhams and bought 2 pairs to tide me over.  Thank you Debenhams for rescuing me from my falling to pieces faded no longer indigo jeans.

Fingers crossed next season we’ll see a return and in future I’ll have more choice across more stores with different leg lengths.

Are you a bootcut jean wearer, or a skinny fan?

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  1. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say maybe it’s time to try something a bit different? I totally get if skinny jeans are not for you. But new straight cut, boyfriend or girlfriend jeans might be just the ticket? I love Gap they do a fantastic range and have all different styles to suit all shapes. Have you thought about using a stylist/personal shopper in a department store? They often offer a free service. Or you should go on a ‘trying on’ trip you might just be surprised! Jeans shopping is so difficult and I think it’s easy to fall into a rut x

    1. I have straight cut, but unfortunately I have large calves so from most shops I’ve tried they look more like skinny on me, and then drag the top part down when I walk because they’re tight round the the bottom half. Boyfriend I’ve had in the past, but they’re not flattering to a fuller figure unless you’re really trendy or wear the right type of shoes. They just make my bottom half look huge. Girlfriend ones I seen all seem to be really ripped/pale denim – again not flattering on a pear shaped figure. There’s a reason why people find a jeans cut that works for them, and that’s because they feel good and look good.

  2. Bootcut jeans aren’t just the best!! I have about 10 pairs, all about 10 years old now and I used to buy them all from Jane Norman or Warehouse. I think jane Norman still do them but all online. Such a shame they’re phasing them out!

    1. I have lots of pairs in my wardrobe of various sizes, just a shame none of them fit me (well, except the current 2 pairs). Need to lose weight then I can use all the ones stored up.

  3. Simply Be have some fantastic bootcut jeans – my sister bought me a pair for my birthday for £40. Joe Browns usually have some as well up to size 18 :o)

    1. Ooh thanks, I will have to look those up (I always have to go up a jeans size – although again one of those annoying things where I’m always inbetween sizes for a perfect fit)

  4. I love my bootcut jeans…I got my last pair from M&S early this year and I wished I’d bought a few pairs. I have started wearing jeggings though. At least with those they are comfy not like skinny jeans. lol x

  5. I love bootcut jeans, skinny jeans don’t suit me at all! I generally find Sainsbury’s jeans fit me okay, but I’ve not seen bootcut there for ages, I’m having to make do with the boyfriend type ones!

    1. Same. I used to love the Sainsbury’s ones. They do a straight cut which isn’t too skinny on the leg but I like indigo jeans and often they’re the wrong type of blue. I’m just too fussy. It would help if I lost weight as well, then I’d have more choice.

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