Outdoors fun with trespass coats - Bubbablue and me
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Enjoying the outdoors with Trespass coats

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The weather’s certainly turned colder here, and we’re expecting a cold spell on the way.  Being sent coats from Trespass was perfect timing.

I don’t mind the cold as long as I’m dressed for the weather, and sometimes I can get a little hot so I need outerwear that’s easy to strip on and off when needed.  As for N he’s always outdoors and seems to grow out of coats quickly, or he needs them for several different events. For school, for forest school, for the farm and for shooting days.  I always need a spare for him because he has a tendency to leave them places.  When we chose our Trespass coats, I needed to keep that in mind.

Outdoors fun with trespass coats - Bubbablue and me

Trespass 3 in 1 children’s coat

For N we chose the Prime II 3 in 1 jacket.  A lot of N’s wardrobe is blue and I know he’ll always love a blue coat.  With the 3 in 1 coat it’s versatile with him able to use just the fleece, or the outer waterproof layer, or both together for extra warmth.  The fleece does make the coat a little heavy but not noticeably so.  N initially found that he couldn’t just slip the coat on, he needed to readjust to make sure the fleece collar is sitting in the right place and that the inner sleeves are ok before he’s happy it’s comfortable. But after a few wearings he seems to have it sitting the way he likes it.

relaxing on the terrace at wadesdon

After turning the sleeves inside out and pulling the fleece arms out several times on taking the coat off, I found the little popper tag which hooks the fleece arms into the outer jacket.  No more pulling the sleeves out!

N loves all the pockets – he was so excited there were so many, especially finding the ones inside the blue outer jacket.

I didn’t want a detachable hood because N has a tendency to remove hoods and lose them.  But with this one it can be rolled up and tucked in if needed.  N hasn’t moaned about this one whether it’s up or down, so that’s a result.  A hood he’s happy with.

For visibility there are reflectors on the hood and back of the coat.  It’s reassuring for dark winter nights as well as a bit of style.

wishing ont he wishing well

The age 7-8 is a good generous size for N (he’s in age 7-8 normal wear at the moment), allowing for a big jumper, but also having plenty of growing room to hopefully last into next winter too.

The coat kept him nice and warm for our trip to Waddesdon Manor on a very cold day, he’s been loving wearing it for school. And it’s kept him dry and warm during our recent snowy days. Perfect for sledging and snowman building.

sledging trespass coats
mini snowman

Adult Thundery waterproof jacket

I struggled to decide on a coat.  I’m at the top end of Trespass sizes at the moment, so had to make sure I chose the right size.  And I decided against a shorter jacket which I’d usually opt for.  When it’s winter I don’t want to have a gap between coat and trousers appearing when I move.  So I decided on the lovely Thundery jacket in teal/silver colourway.

It is a mammoth coat.  I’m wanted to wait for the really cold weather because when it arrived it wasn’t cold enough and I was still in my mac (I said I get hot easily!).  Then the snow came and it’s been so snuggly and warm.

It doesn’t feel like a typical waterproof coat fabric, but has a great waterproof rating of 8000mm (better than some tents!) and is breathable.  With a nice big hood (a bit too big for me), it’s a great coat for snuggling down into, and I can see me using it on winter Fridays when I’m hanging around at tennis in the car waiting for N to finish his lesson.

huge furry hood trespass coat

I love that the colour is a bit different – it’s a muted green so not garish, but has enough colour to stand out and be a bit different.  With nice deep pockets, a zip and popper placket, it’ll be great at keeping me toasty warm.

I think we’re both going to get a lot of wear of these coats, and hopefully they’ll last well.

What’s your experience of Trespass coats?


Disclosure: We were sent these jackets for the purpose of review. All words and opinions are my own.

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