getting ready for school

School days – Christmas run up and maths tests

The excitement of Christmas is at school at the moment. They’ve started their ‘# sleeps til Christmas’ countdown which N loves, and there’s been lots of Christmassy things going on, not just the nativity play rehearsals.  The nativity is due on Tuesday, but given the snow we’ve had all of Sunday, I’m expecting school to be closed tomorrow – and unless there’s a thaw and rain to get rid of the snow, the nativity play and school might struggle on the actual day too.

Here’s this week’s School Days.

Hay bales

The nativity preparation is in full swing.  Rehearsals, N singing at home, working out the day the OH needs to take the hay bale(s) into school ready for the nativity.  It’s exciting, but sad that this will be N’s last nativity. But not his last play because key stage 2 also do a play for Christmas.

Christmas cards

N wrote his Christmas cards weeks ago, and the class postboxes at school have gone up for the children to post their cards in.

Now I just have to keep reminding N that he can’t expect that he will get the same number of cards as everyone because people have different friends in different classes.  He’s still moaning he only had 1 card so far compared to the others having 3, so hopefully he’ll get it into his brain what I’ve explained.

getting ready for school

Maths tests

According to N they’ve been having maths tests this week.  I’m presuming they’re progress checks, but he wasn’t very impressed with them.  He said they might have done english ones earlier, but apart from saying they were hard, he couldn’t tell me anything more.

Hopefully he was fine with my reassurance that when the SATs come along in the summer, he’ll know so much more than he does now.

They’ve been doing money in maths this week.  I think we need to get the coins out and practice in real life, because his homework wasn’t the best attempt so I’m not sure if he was struggling witit.

Target assembly

N’s school (and area secondary primary feeder schools) have targets for english and maths, and when they achieve a certain number, they get awarded certificates.  This time N was awarded his bronze certificate whihc he was very pleased about.

He also got his certificate from the multiskills day he was at a few weeks ago.  Him and a team mate were still waiting on theirs, but now have them and they’re for determination.  Never giving up and supporting their team. What a lovely award to give them.

School teams

We never had school teams when we were at school, but N’s school have 4 teams. They collect tokens for VIP, learner and star of the week awards, and sports day wins.

N’s in the green team (he moved at the end of reception because the greens were short of people).  He likes that because now he’s with his cousin, and one of his good friends from year 3.  But the greens seem to be struggling.

N’s view is that they need some more green team people. I’m not sure that’s possible when siblings come in and are put in with older students.  He and his team mates are just going to have to work harder to make up the numbers.

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