christmas jumper style for women

Christmas jumper styles for women

I’ve never really been a fan of a Christmas jumper. After all aren’t they garish? The more hideous the better?  There’s a reason why they’re called Christmas ugly jumpers in the US. Thankfully nowadays there’s a lot more choice and there’s a Christmas jumper style for everyone.

I’ve always gone more for a subtle winter style that can be worn long before and after Christmas and is less stand out. But part of the thing about Christmas jumpers is they’re meant to be a bit hideous and cringeworthy.  Especially if you’re dressing up for charity for Christmas Jumper day which is held in aid of Save the Children. In 2023 Christmas Jumper Day is on Thursday 7th December but if you’ve got school age children, do check which day they’re celebrating it, because they quite often do it on a different day..

So if you’re looking for something to wear for Christmas jumper day, then try one of these suggestions.

christmas jumper style for women

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What are the different style of Christmas jumper

Christmas quote jumper

A bit more subtle, sometimes with puns, or just quotes from carols or Christmas songs.  Look out for sequins or repeated words.  You could even design your own through a print company.

Fairisle jumper

If you don’t want your winter wardrobe to scream Christmas but still have a nod to the seasonal celebration, then a fairisle jumper is the way to go. 


Less of the garish brights, probably a thinner knit fabric rather than chunky jumper. Think neutral colours, maybe with stars, or a small motif, or a bit of sparkle through the knit rather than a pattern. 

Christmas motif

A jumper with a Christmas picture or image on the front. Think Christmas trees, Christmas drinks or even a jumper where you’re wearing the bow on the present. Especially if buying for children, they can sometimes be double image made with sequins that you can flip from one colour and image to another. Slightly addictive when you wear one of these.

Character jumpers

With children you find a lot of Christmas jumpers are character or franchise based, think Lego, Minecraft, Frozen or Roblox. But even for adults there are more character christmas jumpers around. Harry Potter is a favourite or even Disney.  Primark tends to be a good place to buy these.

3D or interactive jumpers

Not often seen in adults jumpers, but with children’s jumpers sometimes you’ll see characters or motifs that are raised from the surface, e.g a snowman’s carrot nose, or N had a lovely Next jumper a few years ago with Rudolf on, and his nose lit up when you pressed it.  Warning – bells or noises are annoying.

garish character christmas jumpes

The tackier the better Christmas jumper

Of course, some just love a garish Christmas jumper and only the worst will do.  Try charity shops for these, or trawl ebay or Amazon for cheap ones. Think Bridget Jones Diary film for the styles to go for! Or just hideous fairisle numbers.

These have to be the most daring garish Christmas jumpers* I’ve ever seen!  

Children’s Christmas jumpers

f you’re looking for children’s jumpers, these make me wish N was younger again to wear jumpers like these.

Making Christmas jumpers sustainable

Of course, buying a new Christmas jumper every year isn’t great, so why not try one of these tips for making Christmas jumpers more sustainable.

  • Wear the same jumper year after year.
  • Swap with friends
  • Handmedowns for children
  • Or buying for children, get them a jumper to grow into. When N was younger his would always last a couple of years if I bought them a little too big in year 1.
  • Sell and buy pre-loved.  Try Vinted or ebay
  • If you’re crafty, why not knit or crochet a Christmassy jumper – try Freecycle or local selling hubs to get wool cheap.
  • Upcycle a plain jumper.  Just sew on tinsel, bells, sequins, applique on motifs to make it more Christmassy.

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  1. These are great suggestions for Christmas jumpers and I especially love ones that are interactive. Those are good tips on making Christmas jumpers more sustainable.

  2. I have one Christmas jumper and a couple of Christmas t-shirts and pyjamas. But I do love the tacky ones! I saw one with a dinosaur coming out the front and back online. There are some good ones out there. Thank you for sharing.


    1. I like a pair of Christmas pjs too, although tend to go for tartan bottoms. I’ve got a friend who’d love a dinosaur one like that

  3. Hi Emma,
    Like you, I’ve never really been a fan of the traditional Christmas jumper. However, there are a few there (the more subtle ones) that I think my wife might like. Thanks for the suggestions.

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