It’s always nice when you spot reruns of older Wasgij puzzles that you missed. I was lucky to spot Wasgij Christmas 1 Special Delivery in The Works, so snapped it up. 

wasgij christmas 1 special delivery

Like the other Christmas Wasgij puzzles, this one is based on the solution being the view of someone in the box image. There’s a few clues in and on the box, but otherwise use your imagination, the solution below, or my step by step guide on how to do a Wasgij.

The scene is typically Christmassy, it’s Christmas eve, and the family have been woken in the night.

It’s a fun image to complete, and for one of the earlier puzzles, it was easier than many. I think probably because there’s plenty going on with lots of easy colours to match up.

You can find the Wasgij Christmas 1 Special Delivery solution below. 

If you’re after a puzzle board, the Portapuzzle* is the one I use – great for moving puzzles on and off the table if needed.

You can find all my Wasgij puzzle solutions if you’re stuck.

wasgij christmas 1 special delivery solution

Let me know how you get on with this puzzle.

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