Gift ideas for book lovers

Gifts for book lovers at Christmas time

There’s 2 types of people in this world. Bookworms and the rest. I’m definitely on the side of the bookworm.

As a child, I’d come in from playing with friends, saying I was bored because I wanted to read. I’d usually have 3 books on the go, and would sit reading at breakfast given half the chance. I’m still like that now, reading while I eat meals if I’m eating on my own.

Gift ideas for book lovers - book decorations on a christmas tree close up.

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While I love proper books and still have a huge physical ‘to read’ pile by my bed and in my book case, I tend to read mostly on Kindle now. I never thought I would make the switch, but being able to read in bed without disturbing the OH meant a Kindle Paperwhite* made sense. And now I’m a convert.

The only place I have to take an actual book is to swimming lessons because they don’t allow electronics by the pool for safeguarding reasons (even though kindles don’t have cameras). Everywhere else I rely on my Kindle, which is especially kind for me now I’m getting older…it means I can enlarge the text later in the evening when my eyes are tired, rather than needing to get out my reading glasses.

Over the years I’ve bought a lot of book themed gifts for myself and friends. I find books are quite hard to give as gifts because people I’d buy book gifts for read a lot. They get through so many, books so I worry about buying duplicates they already own. Or I’ve been given lots of books that are on awards lists and just wouldn’t be my type of book. So book tokens are a yes, books themselves a no.

But there are plenty of other gift ideas for book lovers you can gift as presents. I’ve pulled together some here, and maybe these will help with gift ideas for your friends Or to put on your own wish lists.

Gifts for book lovers

Marvellous Maps Great British Literature: I love these maps. Quirky gifts, you can buy different themed ones, or even framed. Find out facts about literature themed places around the UK. Road trip needed!

Literary quotes postcards – Bookishly have several sets of postcards, styled as book covers, by author, or a set of author quote cards.

Book socks – unfortunately the Alice in Wonderland socks were sold out when I looked, but these book ones are fun.

Author themed gift sets of t shirts, postcards and more.

Book theme candles These book themed candles are so much fun. Old Bookstore scent anyone?

Shakespeare Top Trumps – one way to prep for English literature exams.

Reading journal – keep a record of all the books you’re reading and want to read

Book mug – look for your favourite quote about books, a fun mug (try Not on The High Street).

Homemade gifts

You could try making your own gifts.

  • Get the kids making homemade bookmarks (try my upcycled bookmark tutorial),
  • Buy old books and make them into Christmas trees, or other paper ornaments.
  • Make a reusable canvas shopping bag – try replicating the old coloured Penguin books design or stencil quotes on using cardboard or vinyl masks and fabric paint.

If you want to personalise items for friends with their favourite quotes, check out Redbubble or Zazzle. They have lots of book themed / quote gifts, but you could design your own.

If you’re not hot on the DIY, try Etsy* for plenty of book themed handcrafted gifts.

What other gifts would you give to book lovers?

This post is day 3 of Blogmas.

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