Secret Santa excitement

I’m really excited about Secret Santa this year.  I refuse to take part in the work ones, after my first job where everyone took the mick out of one present I was give n because it was wrapped in newspaper by the ‘rubbish’ guy in the office (squash balls – perfect gift for me at the time) , then someone who supposedly knew me thought it would be a good idea to get me a blow up boyfriend in a can.  I can tell you now I wasn’t amused.  At all.  Which the person who’d bought it, was surprised at.  Err no, it wasn’t a joke secret santa, and as I had a boyfriend at the time, it wasn’t even appropriate.  

It always winds me up that I put a lot of thought into a present, but you quite often just get given a bottle of wine or box of smellies.  Not really any thought gone into those, so I’d rather not take part, although it is fun seeing what everyone else gets.

But I have been converted somewhat by secret santa with online friends.  Everyone puts so much thought into it, you get to know people so much better by trying to find out their likes and dislikes (if you’re a closet stalker, it provides great opportunities), and it appeals to my crafty and bargain buying abilities, by making me want to get the most for my money.  

Plus of course the reveal and the excitement of working out who bought your present.

We also do a secret santa in our NCT group.  This year we didn’t pick names as it proved too hard to do it, so we’re either buying for a boy or girl.  I’d seen some absolutely cracking ‘boys’ toys that I was hoping to get (even if I’d pulled out a couple of the girls), but as it’s generic girls, I had to rethink.  I’m pretty pleased with what I’ve got, and although I had some delivery and out of stock issues with one of the items, I’ve ended up getting some brilliant bargains.  

Hopefully both my secret santa recipients will love their presents.

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  1. Popped in from BYOBH; but been before 😉 Loving the online Secret Santa thing, but I am too chicken to join in one, too scared that whomever I get for will think my present is crap…I KNOW its silly, but that’s just me, silly! 🙂

    1. It’s a hard one really. I was totally put off by my first workplace experiences, but with these ones we all know lots about each other, and we also do ‘share something about yourself’ style so we get lots of answers to questions. I’ve found that actually I’ve not needed to use those as the people I’ve picked I’ve tended to know quite well the kind of things they like. Plus online, you do get to ‘stalk’ – great for nosy people, although not helpful if you’ve got someone who’s quite quiet online!

      The NCT one I’d have preferred picking out a name like last year as I had a couple of very specific ideas which won’t work as well for generic boy/girl. But I’m quite excited about my haul for the NCT child one as I’ve done really well for the money as well as getting something unique.

      Maybe you’ll get inspired and join in one.

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